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"You Ain't Street"! Heated Altercation between Jim Howe and BoostedGT

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

In a surprising twist of events during the inaugural episode of Mega Cash Days, the high-stakes world of street racing was engulfed in tension as racers BoostedGT and Jim Howe found themselves embroiled in a heated altercation. The atmosphere of adrenaline and competition reached a boiling point as emotions ran rampant and punches were thrown.

The race commenced with an electrifying start, featuring a fierce battle for dominance among Disco Dean, Axman, and BoostedGT. However, BoostedGT encountered technical difficulties when his light failed to illuminate promptly. As the race unfolded, Axman made an early jump, followed by Disco Dean, resulting in a contentious situation. Based on standard racing regulations, Axman should have been deemed the loser, and Disco Dean should have emerged as the rightful victor.

Photo by Street Outlaws

However, displaying his sportsmanship and reverence for the sport, BoostedGT promptly acknowledged the technical malfunction and made the honorable choice to rerun the race. BoostedGT, renowned for his authenticity both on and off the screen, once again exemplified why he is held in such high regard within the street racing community. His decision garnered admiration and support from fellow racers and fans, solidifying his position as a beloved figure.

Amidst the simmering tension, Jim Howe, an emerging racer in the field, took exception to BoostedGT's decision. Fueled by a potent mix of passion and adrenaline, Jim confronted BoostedGT, leading to an unforeseen and regrettable incident. In a fit of anger, Jim Howe lashed out and struck BoostedGT, momentarily shattering the camaraderie that typically characterizes the tightly-knit street racing community.

Photo by Howe Motorsports

BoostedGT, renowned for his calm demeanor and genuine nature, handled the situation with remarkable poise and grace. Supporters of the show and avid street racing fans swiftly rallied behind BoostedGT, acknowledging his unwavering dedication to the sport. Despite the intense altercation, BoostedGT continues to play a significant role on Street Outlaws, skillfully navigating the fine line between providing entertaining content and his genuine involvement in real street racing.

Undoubtedly, this incident has had a profound and lasting impact on how fans perceive Jim Howe. Once hailed as a rising star with a promising future, Jim's actions have now cast a shadow over his reputation. Fans who were eagerly anticipating his performance in the new season of No Prep Kings are now questioning his character, integrity, and sportsmanship. The incident has sparked doubt and uncertainty about his true nature and ability to uphold the values that the street racing community holds dear.

As the dust begins to settle on this gripping clash, it serves as a poignant reminder that street racing, while thrilling, has the power to ignite intense emotions and challenge even the most composed individuals. BoostedGT's unwavering commitment to fairness and authenticity, as demonstrated through his decision to rerun the race, further solidifies his esteemed position as a respected figure within the street racing community.

The incident between BoostedGT and Jim Howe during the premiere episode of Mega Cash Days is destined to be etched in the annals of Street Outlaws history. As fans reflect upon the surge of emotions and unforeseen confrontations, the long-term impact on both racers remains uncertain. One thing remains clear, however, street racing continues to deliver electrifying moments that captivate fans across the globe.

Video by Street Outlaws

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