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When Will the 405 Return? What Is Going On with the 405 Street Show?

In this article, we'll be delving into some insider information from one of the OG drivers on "Street Outlaws" regarding the possible return of the 405 show. But before we get to that, let's kick off this episode in our usual fashion by diving into the viewership and ratings from the latest episode of "Street Outlaws."

Video by Street Outlaws Insider

First off, it's worth noting that the latest episode of "Street Outlaws" aired on a Tuesday night instead of the usual Monday, which caught many viewers by surprise. The host expressed their surprise and noted that it just felt different, as Monday nights have always been associated with the show. Despite the change in scheduling, the episode still garnered a significant viewership, with 353,000 viewers tuning in. Notably, the show "Farmtruck and AZN" that followed also performed well with 228,000 viewers.

The unexpected success of the show airing on a Tuesday night led to some speculation about the future scheduling of "Street Outlaws" shows. The host wondered if the positive reception of this schedule change might influence the network's decisions regarding the airing days of other shows in the future.

When Will The 405 Show Return?

What is going on with the 405 street show? Photo by 405 Photo

Moving on to the main topic of discussion, the 405 show has been a hot topic of debate among fans. Monza's comment on Facebook, where he used the term "canceled" in reference to the show, sparked much discussion and concern. Although Monza later deleted the post and attempted to clarify his statement, the topic of the 405 show's future remained a subject of intense interest.

Additionally, 187 Customs, another key figure on the show, attempted to reassure fans by stating that the show was not canceled. However, there has been no official announcement or confirmation about the 405 show's status.

Dominator, one of the original drivers and a respected figure in the 405 crew, posted a video on his YouTube channel addressing the topic. In the video, Dominator hinted at the uncertainty surrounding the 405 show's return. He noted that the show has always been on a year-by-year basis since its inception, dispelling any notion of multi-year plans. Moreover, he mentioned that it was initially intended to last for just one season but ended up running for an impressive 16 seasons.

When Will The 405 Show Return?

Photo by Dominator405racing

Dominator also shared some potential filming dates for the 405 show, suggesting that it might return sooner than expected. He proposed the possibility of filming in November, February, or March, which could lead to an earlier release date. This proposal deviates from the previous scheduling pattern, which typically saw the show airing at the beginning of the year.

When Will The 405 Show Return?

Photo by Dominator405racing

The uncertainty surrounding the 405 show's future remains, but the discussion and speculation among fans and insiders continue to keep the hope alive. The host emphasized the importance of fan engagement and discussion, as it could ultimately influence the show's return.

In conclusion, while the fate of the 405 show remains uncertain, the ongoing dialogue and interest from fans suggest that it could make a return sooner than expected. The 405 crew's year-by-year approach and Dominator's hints at potential filming dates offer a glimmer of hope for fans eagerly awaiting the return of the beloved show. Whether it comes back next year or beyond, one thing is clear: the passion of "Street Outlaws" enthusiasts plays a crucial role in keeping the show alive. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting topic!

When Will The 405 Show Return?

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