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What Happened To Kayla And Boosted After Divorce? Are They Still Together Now?

Venturing into the thrilling realm of reality television, Street Outlaws has consistently delivered heart-pounding excitement through numerous seasons. Beyond the adrenaline-fueled races, the captivating romantic entanglements among the cast members inject a unique emotional intensity into the series. One such riveting love story is that of Kayla Morton and Boosted GT (Chris Hamilton). In this article, we delve into the mysterious tale that unfolded after their divorce and explore whether they are still entwined in each other's lives today.

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The Beginning of Kayla and Boosted's Connection: The relationship between Kayla Morton and Boosted GT took a significant turn after a race on Street Outlaws. Despite Kayla's best efforts to outpace him on the racetrack, Boosted proved to be considerably faster, setting the stage for a more personal connection off the track. Initially acquainted through mutual friends in the racing industry, their romantic involvement blossomed after Kayla received an invitation from Big Chief to join the reality TV show.

Building a Life Together: Subsequently, Kayla and Boosted officially entered into a relationship and chose to make their home together in Texas. Their bond deepened further with the arrival of two children into their lives, Austin and Cooper. However, the strain of marital troubles eventually led them to file for divorce in 2021, showcasing the conscious effort of the estranged couple to avoid each other during Street Outlaws episodes.

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A Surprising Turn of Events in 2022: Everything took a surprising turn in 2022 when it appeared that Kayla and Boosted had managed to reignite their relationship. On an unspecified date after more than a year of estrangement, evidence of their continued affection emerged on Kayla's Instagram. Archived posts featuring Boosted resurfaced, indicating that their love persisted. In August 2022, Kayla publicly described Boosted as "dreamy" and expressed how he spoiled her rotten.

A Renewed Connection: Kayla's Instagram, now a window into their renewed connection, is filled not only with gym moments and car photos but also with pictures of their two children, Austin and Cooper, whom they co-parent. As of now, it seems that this beloved racing couple is as tightly bonded as ever. The future holds the promise of thrilling racing showdowns for Kayla and Boosted, and fans can only hope for the best for their relationship.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography 

The rollercoaster romance of Kayla Morton and Boosted GT continues to unfold, captivating Street Outlaws fans with its twists and turns. As the couple navigates the challenges of their relationship, viewers eagerly anticipate the next chapter of their story. Stay tuned to for exciting updates on the Street Outlaws reality series and its enthralling spin-offs, as the love story of Kayla and Boosted GT continues to evolve in the world of street racing.

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