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Update on The OG Fireball Camaro's Potential Return to No Prep Kings after July Break!

The world of Street Outlaws is buzzing with anticipation as fans anxiously await the possible comeback of the legendary Fireball Camaro. Ryan Martin, the talented driver known for his remarkable skills behind the wheel, has been facing a challenging season with his current vehicle, the War Machine. As excitement builds, enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the return of the iconic red car, fondly referred to as the OG Fireball Camaro.

The War Machine just made it to the 3rd Round at New England Dragway. Photo by Richard Rowe

In the main Invitational event of Street Outlaws, Ryan Martin has encountered a series of obstacles while driving the War Machine. Despite his undeniable talent and years of experience, the current season has proven to be a tough battle for him. The War Machine, although a formidable car in its own right, has struggled to perform at its peak, resulting in disappointing results for Ryan in the point standings.

Motivated to reclaim his competitive prowess, Ryan has voiced his determination to make a comeback on the track with a renewed strategy. Despite speculations surrounding the Fireball Camaro's potential return featuring a screw blower, Ryan has clarified that addressing the power adder is not their primary concern at the moment.

Photo by CPaulshock Photography

Ryan Martin has hinted at the possibility of staging a comeback with a different vehicle or a completely new setup, leaving fans eagerly awaiting confirmation. Over the weekend, an intriguing development unfolded as Javi, Ryan's esteemed crew chief, was spotted preparing the red Fireball Camaro, distinct from the War Machine. Notably, this particular Camaro is equipped with a pro-charge Proline Hemi engine, a setup that has previously demonstrated success.

Javi was preparing the Pro-charge Proline Hemi red car. Photo by Javi Canales

In the upcoming weeks, extensive testing will be conducted on both the red Fireball Camaro and the War Machine, encompassing various track conditions. The primary objective is to determine which car performs better, particularly in challenging scenarios. Whether faced with less-than-ideal track conditions or a perfectly suited environment, the team aims to ascertain the superior contender in terms of speed and tuning capabilities.

It is worth noting that the red Fireball Camaro does not utilize a screw blower. As mentioned earlier, the current regulations and limitations regarding overdrive and weight make the pro charger a more efficient choice as a power adder within this context. Ryan and his team are fully aware of these considerations and have made a calculated decision to explore the potential of the pro charge combination.

The pro-charger still on the red OG Fireball/ Photo by Richard Rowe

With only ten races left in No Prep King's season six, the stakes are higher than ever. Ryan Martin's unwavering determination to reclaim his position in the point rankings has led him to this pivotal juncture. The red Fireball Camaro, featuring its upgraded chassis, has showcased impressive speed and performance, particularly on street surfaces. It would not be surprising to witness this formidable duo make a triumphant return to the race track in the upcoming events, poised to unleash the power of their pro charge combination.

With fans eagerly anticipating the forthcoming races, anticipation is steadily mounting. The burning question remains: will the Fireball Camaro regain its status as a dominant force in the No Prep Kings event? Only time holds the answer. However, we can find solace in knowing that Ryan Martin and his dedicated team are diligently preparing and refining their arsenal, poised to make a resounding comeback. The streets will soon be ignited once more, ablaze with the indomitable spirit of the Fireball Camaro.

Video by Javi Canales

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