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Update on Big Chief and Caddy Jack. What Is He Up To Now?

We were introduced to Caddy Jack, Big Chief’s Cadillac CTS-V a while back and have watched as the car progressed from a bone-stock factory hotrod to a legitimately badass street/strip killer. We don’t know the full details of the build, since keeping details like that on the hush is a key part of grudge racing. However, we do get a rare glimpse at the car’s actual quarter mile performance potential when Chief’s “hired driver”, Jackie, takes the car through the traps with the scoreboards on.

Photo by Midwest Street Car Youtube

Nowadays, Jackie has taken an even more hands-on role in the Street Outlaws world than ever before, and her latest toy, an 8-second quarter-mile-running 2014 CTS-V named "Caddy Jack" is posed to take her to even greater heights in the racing world.

The crew over at National No Prep Racing Association takes us along for the ride as Caddy Jack makes a couple of passes at Thunder Valley. If the thunderous performance isn’t enough to win you over, the scream from the car really pushes this thing over the top. It helps out big time that Lady Chief seems to have her act together behind the wheel. Maybe she’ll even give Chief a run for his money one of these days!

Photo by Midwest Street Car Youtube

Video by National No Prep Racing Association

This time, we ride along with a vlog from the racer as he takes us along for the ride, sharing a couple of updates about what he’s been up to. These updates range in subject matter from how he’s been updating his shop with a little bit of maintenance to what’s going on with his cars. In this particular video, we get the opportunity to learn a little bit about how he has been upgrading his bright red Chevrolet Corvette and what kind of modifications are happening to the Cadillac CTS-V known as “Caddy Jack.”

Photo by Big Chief 405

Check out the below video as he tells us about some of the most recent steps in his racing journey.

Video by Midwest Street Car Youtube

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