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Uninvited Racers and New Small Tires Cars on Mega Cash Days Season 2

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

As some of our favorite Street Outlaws competitors are wrapping up with No Prep Kings as the series has come to a close for the season, we would think that some of them might be ready to go on vacation. Contrary to popular belief, though, racing seems to carry itself pretty much around the calendar, so Kye Kelley Reaper, Justin Swanstrom and many of his competitors are already in the garage and getting ready for the next thing on the list – Mega Cash Days. Here, competitors will have a chance to go up against some of the most intense racers in the drag racing world and have the opportunity to grab some serious cash along the way.

Last time, it was a big tire event that was won by Brandon James from California, a guy whose name was not familiar to many racers and nearly none of the Street Outlaws viewers and yet he managed to grab the $100 000 prize from the Memphis, 405, and many other racers that claim the streets as their own. He did it behind the wheel of his ’68 Ford Mustang and we are sure that he will be coming back this year to try and repeat last year’s success.

Mega Cash Days will have a different set of requirements than No Prep Kings. For one, cars have to show up on a small tire instead of the big tire machines that we see at NPK. This time, we take a little bit of a trip behind the scenes with some racing downtime that means maintenance work time.

Kye Kelley

As Kelley said on his Youtube channel, he has several different variations of the one and only “Shocker” Chevrolet Camaro in his garage. The one that we’ve seen most recently is the No Prep Kings shocker and it sits on a set of big tires. The variation on the table this time is the machine that’s being called the “Street Shocker” for the time being. Kelly also tells us that he has one other variation of the sinister black Camaro that he’s planning on selling because it doesn’t quite fit the mold for what he’s looking to do on race day.

Photo by Kye Kelley Racing

At the beginning of this year, testing for American List season 2 David Gates running the original Shocker wrecked, and that car was pretty much destroyed. Since then, Wizard Racecars rebuilt it, or pretty much built new car with the parts left from the original Shocker. However, the roll bars and a lot of the staff from the car actually went to the built of the new Street Shocker.

In any case, the goal at hand this time is to try and take the Street Shocker from its current condition to being race ready for Mega Cash Days. The new, Street Shocker is pretty much updated than the previous/original Shocker that own Kye Kelley. It has a small block in it, and will be running in a small tire on next Mega Cash Days. So it is sitting on a 28x10-5 small tires, we are pretty sure that this car can run and on big tires. Also can run a 5 inch motor 738ci Pat or 959ci. This car is set up for any engine combination that Kye Kelley wants to run.

Kye Kelley did run in Fastest in America show this year as well on small tires in his small tire Shocker with a small block in it and he did pretty good. He made a little bit over the thousand at that tire and that’s pretty much all you’re going to need on 28x10-5 tire unless they prep the street.

According to Kye, he feels as if he has already conquered the big tire track and street scenes so, in his eyes, taking a car with small tires to the street is the last frontier.

Photo by Kye Kelley Racing

Video by Kye Kelley Racing

Justin Swanstrom

Justin “Lil Country” Swanstrom has revealed his Nitrous powered, small-tire Mustang that he is planning on racing during this event.

Photo by Justin Swanstrom

It’s named Alimony and this Mustang has a huge engine, relative, of course, to the small tire requirement that they have to follow, and to be honest, as soon as we saw that engine the first thing that came to mind is that thing looks like it is producing some huge power numbers. Well as always, big power and small tires are not the best combos when you are on the street, and considering how bad the surface was last year and how the guys with the big tires were unable to put the power down, we think that Justin’s dad, Big Country will have his hands full to tune this engine properly in order to avoid loss of traction.

Photo by Justin Swanstrom

A big team like the Swan Gang will surely find a way to get this down the road at the event so why don’t we check out the video and see how the brand-new Alimony Mustang looks on the track.

Video by Justin Swanstrom


After not seeing Reaper for a while, we check in with the Street Outlaws Reaper SS YouTube channel as our host gives us a little bit of a tour of his latest addition to the collection. he has quite a few things to brag about and the biggest one is definitely that black small tire Corvette that is in his driveway.

Photo by Street Outlaws Reaper SS

The Chevrolet Corvette is pretty slick looking and is unlike much of what we have seen out there on the streets or in other competitive drag racing formats. Whether or not this machine will charge its way to the top is yet to be determined. However, in the looks department, the Corvette is one awesome set of wheels.

Let’s check out what Reaper has built for this occasion and hear his brand new small tire Vette roar.

Video by Street Outlaws Reaper SS

“Uninvited” Racers

Mega Cash Days showcasing some of the best street racers will be back on the Discovery Channel. Chris “Boosted” Hamilton, both host and street racer on “Mega Cash Days,” shared details on this year’s event. “We’re going to do another ‘Mega Cash Days,’ but it’s going to be different,” he announced in a Facebook live post. “‘Mega Cash Days’ is coming, and it will be small tire.”

Another rule that Boosted has set in stone for this event is that he is not going to allow fiberglass shell or carbon shell tube chassis cars, instead, all the cars need to be steel roof and steel quarters. All-wheel drive cars are once again a no go just like last year, and it seems that wheelie bars will be out due to the small tire rule.

According to Hamilton, more details will come on prep, water and pairings. The event is slated to start in November, but he’s currently undecided on concrete or asphalt as a racing surface. Hamilton did say that he’s building the invite list. The brand new controversy regarding this event is the fact that some racers have been invited to the event, only to be uninvited a while later. Interesting that there was some topics showed that Black Sheep Mafia group will join the game. These are mostly small tires racers and real street racers. They’ve raced small tires on NPK, Fastest in America and previous Mega Cash Days as well. Those small tire heavy hitters are Brent Self, Russell Stone, David Gates, Adam Plunkett, Byron Jordan, Stephen Brindle, Stan Allen, Ryan Manuel, Cory Cox and Kayla Morton.

We think they’ve called them “Uninvited” because Kayla Morton is on the Black Sheep Mafia team, and she has been dating Boosted for quite a while now, so we are sure that this was a very tough conversation for him, uninviting his girlfriend and her team to the race that he is organizing. Furthermore, they are true small tire hitters and would have caused some big upset for those big tires racers that have just swapped the tires on the same insanely powerful cars raced in the No Prep Kings events, and taken the wheelie bars off.

Photo by Black Sheep Mafia

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