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Twin Turbo Rule Adjustment in Street Outlaws: An Insight into the Game Changer!

In the world of street racing, the dynamics are constantly evolving, and one of the most popular shows, Street Outlaws, recently witnessed a significant rule adjustment that has sparked discussions and speculations among enthusiasts. The alteration in question pertains to the twin turbo category, which has been struggling for consistency and success in the current season of No Prep Kings.

Before delving into the details of this rule change, it's important to note that twin turbo cars have faced formidable challenges this season. Notably, there hasn't been a single turbo car that clinched victory in any of the races, except for Jeff Lutz, who competes with a big block Chevy engine. Lutz's success is primarily attributed to the weight advantage of his car compared to others, yet even he faced his fair share of difficulties. This raises the question: Why have twin turbo cars, known for their speed and power, failed to dominate this season?

Jeff Lutz's GTO with Big Block Chevy engine

Jeff Lutz's GTO with Big Block Chevy engine. Photo by Lutz Race Cars

As we assess the present point standings, it becomes clear that twin turbo cars are encountering a challenging season. Jeff Lutz currently occupies the 16th spot, while Dominator or Chris Rankin may find themselves positioned somewhere in the vicinity of 30th and 36th place. It's undeniable that twin turbo vehicles aren't making the same impact as they once did in previous seasons, prompting us to ponder: what has shifted in their performance?

Twin Turbo Rule Adjustment in Street Outlaws

Why have twin turbo cars failed to dominate this season? Photo by Street Outlaws Stat Guy

It appears that the competition in No Prep Kings has intensified due to innovations in supercharger technology, particularly from ProCharger. These advancements have allowed other types of engines, such as nitrous and screw blower setups, to become more competitive. Consequently, while the rest of the field got faster, the twin turbo setups remained relatively stagnant in terms of performance.

Twin Turbo Rule Adjustment in Street Outlaws

Chris Rankin at Street Outlaws No Prep Kings. Photo by Chris Rankin Racing

The turning point came a few races ago when a weight adjustment was introduced for twin turbo combinations. Previously, the T88 mm turbo combo had a base weight of 2825 lbs, with deductions applied for specific factors like car year, engine combo, and more. On the other hand, the twin 98 mm combination had a base weight of 2875 lbs. The recent rule change reduced the base weight for the twin 98 mm combo to 2800 lbs, making them considerably lighter than their screw blown and ProCharger counterparts.

While this weight reduction is expected to help the twin turbo cars in terms of speed, it may not completely address the issue of consistency. The nature of twin turbo systems, with their exhaust and header setups, doesn't generate as much downforce as screw blown Hemis or ProCharged Hemis. This lack of downforce can be a hindrance, especially on No Prep Kings tracks where the surface is not ideal throughout the entire race.

Typically, the first 330 feet of the No Prep Kings track provides a better surface for racing, favoring screw blown and ProCharged cars. On the other hand, twin turbo cars tend to shine towards the end of the race, with their impressive power output at the rear wheels. However, the inconsistency in track conditions can pose a challenge for these turbocharged machines.

With the recent rule adjustment in their favor, it remains to be seen whether twin turbo cars can overcome these hurdles and make a significant impact on No Prep Kings. Notably, Mike Murillo, a seasoned racer with a competitive twin turbo car, has showcased remarkable speed but is yet to establish consistent dominance.

Twin Turbo Rule Adjustment in Street Outlaws

Chris Rankin and Jeff Lutz's turbocharger by Comp Turbo Technology. Photo by Chris Rankin Racing

In conclusion, the twin turbo rule adjustment in Street Outlaws has the potential to level the playing field for these high-powered machines. However, the challenges associated with track conditions and consistency persist. Enthusiasts eagerly await the outcome, hoping to witness some thrilling races and perhaps the resurgence of twin turbo cars in the world of street racing. Stay tuned for the latest updates and developments in the exciting world of Street Outlaws and No Prep Kings.

Video by Lutz Race Cars

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