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Throwback Shows Richard Rawlings CRASH While Testing Car for A Race Against Street Outlaws

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

One of the wild things about drag racing is that competitors quite know what’s right over the horizon. One moment, everything can be going according to plan and the next, everything is literally going sideways as a machine might fail right underneath its driver and leave that individual in a precarious situation.

This time, the stage was set as Street Outlaws would have a pair of awesome machines going head-to-head. As we would later find out, things wouldn’t quite go as according to plan. That aforementioned unexpected change of plans happens to come to light as Richard Rawlings and his car wouldn’t be able to make this thing turn around in his favor.

This is the car that the Gas Monkey Garage build for the brand new race against the Street Outlaws, and with it these guys are planning to show the Street Outlaws guys that it is not that hard to make a drag race car, or is it.

Photo by DMAX UK

While we have seen Richard Rawlings and the guys from his garage make some incredible machines, today they are swimming in water full of sharks, and let us tell you, it is not easy staying above water.

With this being the first time the car is at the track, it is normal for it to have a few things that need replacing right then and there as well as things getting setup the correct way. Experienced racers perform this so called shakedown whose purpose is to basically see what stays on the car, what falls off, and what needs fixing or setting up. These guys unwillingly do the same thing because as soon as they start the burnout they start discovering stuff that needs to be setup properly before they are even able to make a safe pass. Unfortunately for these guys, they will not be able to put down a pass, instead they will be pulling the trailer on the very track to load up the car and try to get it ready for the race.

Photo by DMAX UK

The video down below that shows off the extent of the hard-to-watch situation. Check out what happened, and remember the most important part is that nobody got hurt in the process of this unexpected shakedown.

Video by DMAX UK

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