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This Is The Sickest Truck From Ekstensive Metal Works

There is no dearth of automotive fabrication shops in the United States. While Florida is renowned for Trans Am Depot and Trans Am Worldwide, the people of Texas can vouch for Ekstensive Metal Works. Ekstensive Metal Works is one of the most respected custom automotive design and fabrication shops in the industry. The Texas automotive shop specializes in one-off cars and trucks. Most of these one-off vehicles at Ekstensive Metal Works were once just pieces of rust. The brilliant minds at the Texas automotive shop turn rust wrecks into outrageous, enviable cars and trucks.

However, which vehicle is the best of the lot at Ekstensive Metal Works? Which truck trumps all the other vehicles at the Texas workshop? Let's have a detailed look at the sickest truck from Ekstensive Metal Works.

A GMC Special

Photo by hotcars

The sickest truck at Ekstensive Metal Works is a GMC monster. And it doesn't get any better than a mid-2000s GMC beast. If you love trucks, you must be aware of GMC's elite reputation when it comes to pickups and trucks. Ever since its inception, the brand has always specialized in big and bulky vehicles - SUVs, pickups, vans, and light-duty trucks, and more. While today, GMC trucks are offered as a premium alternative to Chevrolet trucks, it wasn't always the case a few years back.

The sickest truck at Ekstensive Metal Works is a throwback to 2006: a third-generation Kodiak beast. The Kodiak was quite a rage back in the day and garnered plenty of headlines in the automotive industry. During its reign, the heavy-duty monster was offered in multiple variants: a school bus, a pickup truck, and Cadillac One (a one-of-a-kind Cadillac body mounted on the GMC Kodiak chassis). The Ekstensive Metal Works truck was, of course, a pickup truck variant. Also dubbed as the Isuzu H Series in some parts of the world, the GMC Kodiak pickup truck was offered in multiple engine (diesel and gasoline) and transmission variants.

Completely Built By Ekstensive Metal Works

What makes this sick truck special is the fact that it has been completely built by Ekstensive Metal Works. The GMC Kodiak 6500 has run a total of 12ok miles. Bill and his team have worked immensely hard and spent a total of over 100k on this monster's parts and build. It features a Dodge bed that has been chopped, stretched, and widened to fit the chassis. The truck features Chevrolet fenders graphed on bedsides. Apart from a spray-in bed liner and a mounted toolbox, the Kodiak 6500's bed features 4 x 10-inch Rockford Fosgate marine speakers in bed. The Kodiak truck has 2 sunroofs and features a custom center console with a built-in 48-quart ice chest that drains through the floor. It boasts newer Denali headlights molded into the front end. The folks at Ekstensive Metal Works channeled the front bumper and installed new flights. The truck has been body-dropped, with full "extensive" air ride and fully custom suspension, including 4 links and wish-bones. Its motor has received recent injector replacements. With 2 air tanks and 4 compressors, the GMC Kodiak can propel to speeds in excess of 70 miles per hour. It can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just about 15 seconds - pretty impressive for a super cool pickup truck that can tow the heaviest of objects and vehicles. This sick truck's interiors were completely redone by Heath Moore 2 years ago. Heath customized the steering wheels with train horns. The truck cabin was reinforced and stretched by a further 2 inches. This super cool truck has also featured on the cover of 8-Lug and Truckin' magazines.

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