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The Truth Behind Street Outlaws: How Real is the Show?

Street Outlaws is a popular reality TV show that follows the street racing scene in Oklahoma City and other locations. The show claims to depict the illegal and dangerous activities of the racers, who compete for spots on a ranking list of the best drivers. However, how real is Street Outlaws? Is it a genuine representation of the outlaw culture, or is it a staged and scripted show that exploits the thrill of speed and risk?

Photo by Street Outlaws Live

There are several reasons to doubt the authenticity of Street Outlaws. First of all, the show has been on the air for 15 seasons, which implies that it has a large audience and a profitable deal with the Discovery Channel. This means that the show has to follow certain rules and regulations to ensure the safety of the participants and the crew, as well as to avoid legal troubles. For example, the show has to obtain permits from the local authorities to close off sections of the roads for the races, and to hire off-duty police officers and paramedics to monitor the events. This contradicts the idea of being outlaws, who are supposed to operate in secrecy and evade the law.

Photo by Street Outlaws Live

Secondly, the show has a lot of drama and conflict among the racers, who often challenge each other to races, make bets, and trash talk. While this may seem entertaining and realistic, it is also possible that some of these interactions are scripted or exaggerated for the sake of the show. The racers may have pre-arranged outcomes, or they may be encouraged by the producers to act in certain ways to create more tension and excitement.

Photo by Mellie Photos

Moreover, some of the racers are very well-known and have large social media followings, which may affect their credibility as outlaws. For instance, Justin “Big Chief” Shearer, the leader of the Oklahoma City crew, has close to one million followers on Facebook. This makes him a public figure, who may have to maintain a certain image and reputation, rather than a true outlaw, who would prefer to stay anonymous and low-profile.

Photo by Midwest Street Cars

Thirdly, the show may not accurately portray the technical aspects of street racing, such as the cars, the modifications, the rules, and the strategies. The show may focus more on the visual appeal and the spectacle of the races, rather than the actual performance and skill of the drivers. The show may also omit or gloss over some of the challenges and risks that street racers face, such as mechanical failures, accidents, injuries, arrests, fines, or even death. The show may also exaggerate or embellish some of the achievements and records of the racers, such as the speeds, the distances, the times, or the rankings. The show may also use editing techniques, such as slow-motion, sound effects, or narration, to enhance the drama and the suspense of the races.

Photo by Street Outlaws Live

In conclusion, Street Outlaws is a reality TV show that claims to depict the street racing scene in Oklahoma City and other locations. However, there are many reasons to question the reality and the authenticity of the show, such as the legal and safety issues, the scripted and exaggerated drama, and the inaccurate and misleading portrayal of the technical aspects of street racing. Therefore, Street Outlaws may not be a real show, but rather a fictional and sensationalized show that exploits the appeal of the outlaw culture.

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