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The Shift Away from Turbos: Street Outlaws Racers Adapt for No Prep Elite Success

Welcome to Street Outlaws Talk, your go-to source for the latest updates on the No Prep Kings series and all things Street Outlaws. Today, we're diving into the trend of racers moving away from turbo setups in the No Prep Elite scene.

Photo by Radical Speed

Recently, Chris Rankin shared a video explaining his decision to abandon the turbo setup for No Prep Kings (NPK) racing. Rankin highlighted the inconsistency of turbo cars on NPK tracks, which has been a hot topic among racers. The last time a turbo car won an NPK event was back in season five with Jeff Lutz, whose car was notably lighter than the competition, giving him a slight edge.

Rankin's current ride, a twin-turbo 481x, has shown impressive speed, clocking in at 3.70s on prepped tracks. However, it struggles to maintain that performance on the less predictable NPK surfaces. Rankin is now considering switching to a ProCharger setup, despite the 481x needing to weigh the same as a Hemi. This change would mean sacrificing some horsepower, as the Hemi outperforms the 481x. There's also the possibility of going with a ProCharger Hemi or even a screw-blown Hemi, though the latter is a more challenging transition.

Photo by Street Outlaws Live

Dominator is another racer rumored to be contemplating a move to a ProCharger. While nothing is official yet, the buzz suggests he might make the switch. Such a change could significantly enhance his car's consistency and speed compared to his current twin-turbo setup. The difficulties in tuning and maintaining consistent performance with turbos are well-known, even for seasoned racers like Jeff Lutz. Lutz has already transitioned away from turbos, now running a Mustang that shows promising potential, even if it's still a work in progress.

The Mustang, with a setup similar to those of Murder Nova and Ryan Martin, is expected to perform better than Lutz's previous GTO. This transition indicates a broader trend, with many racers opting for combinations that offer more reliability and better performance on NPK tracks.

Photo by Street Outlaws Live

As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see who sticks with turbos and who makes the switch to other setups. The shift away from turbos could reshape the competitive landscape of NPK racing. Stay tuned to Street Outlaws Talk for more updates on this evolving story and all your favorite Street Outlaws news.

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