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The New Weight Rules for the New OG Back Half 10.5 on No Prep Kings!

Street Outlaws, the popular television series renowned for its heart-pounding street racing sequences, is embarking on a nostalgic journey with its latest introduction to the No Prep Kings class. The OG Back Half Outlaw 10.5 style class is poised to redefine the thrill of street racing through a set of innovative and captivating regulations.

In this fresh class, the spotlight will be on back half race cars featuring stock front suspension, creating a palpable buzz among fans. What distinguishes this class is its emphasis on relatability. Although these cars may not reach the astonishing speeds of some of their high-powered counterparts in the No Prep Kings series, they offer racing enthusiasts a closer, more immersive experience than ever before.

An element generating significant buzz is the incorporation of weight regulations, designed to maintain a level playing field and intensify the competition. Let's delve into the specifics of the weight prerequisites for various engine types:

  • Small block nitrous: 2,450 pounds

  • Small block turbo: 2,850 pounds

  • Small block supercharger: 2,850 pounds

  • Big block nitrous (up to a 5-inch space motor): 2,900 pounds

  • Big block turbo: 3,100 pounds

  • Big block supercharger: 3,100 pounds

Furthermore, the class imposes specific constraints on engine components, including the use of factory-based spray motors and capping the turbo sizes. These measures are in place to preserve the class's distinctive identity while upholding its competitive spirit.

In this exciting new class, a roster of esteemed racers is primed for an action-packed season, promising to deliver thrills and suspense. One of the most prominent figures to keep an eye on is Chuck Seitsinger, renowned for his iconic "OG Death Trap Mustang." This vehicle has consistently showcased its prowess on the track, consistently clocking high 3.90s and low 4.0s with a genuine small block engine. With the weight limit now set at 2,850 pounds, it's evident that the OG Death Trap Mustang remains a formidable contender.

Chuck Seitsinger's OG Death Trap Mustang

Chuck Seitsinger's OG Death Trap Mustang. Photo by Chuck Seitsinger Racing

Another challenger worth noting is Jim Howe, who will be entering "The Warden" into the competition. This car boasts an illustrious track record, having clinched the Limited Drag Radial Championship back in 2019. Considering Howe's past achievements, in combination with the updated weight regulations and a 33x10.5 tire, "The Warden" appears poised to achieve impressive 4-second runs.

Jim Howe's The Warden

Jim Howe's The Warden. Photo by Howe Motorsports

What adds an extra layer of excitement is that this class is making a return to its origins, evoking memories of the earlier seasons of Street Outlaws. This shift towards smaller tires and more lightweight vehicles resonates with the show's initial essence, reigniting the captivating world of street racing that initially captured the hearts of its fans.

The anticipation of witnessing these vehicles streak down the track is undeniably exhilarating. Now that heavier vehicles have a level playing field, it's only a matter of time before we are treated to gripping duels on the streets. This class serves as a homage to the core of street racing, where cleverness and skill often surpass pure engine power.

Jim Howe's The Warden. Photo by Richard Rowe

In summary, Street Outlaws' innovative No Prep Kings class featuring OG Back Half Outlaw 10.5 style regulations is set to revolutionize the series. By emphasizing relatability and rekindling the spirit of street racing, it guarantees an enthralling and captivating season. Brace yourself for heart-pounding action as these cars hit the streets, showcasing their remarkable speed and power.

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