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The Enigmatic Departure of Jerry "Monza" Johnston from No Prep Kings: Unraveling the Darkest Secrets

Jerry "Monza" Johnston's name reverberates with power and intrigue in the world of street racing, a realm where every turn of the wheel tells a tale of skill, speed, and secrecy. For over four decades, Monza carved a niche for himself on Discovery Channel's acclaimed series "Street Outlaws" and its electrifying spin-off, "Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings" (NPK), painting a portrait of a racer whose silence is as legendary as his prowess on the track.

Photo by Team Monza 405

But in 2023, Monza's conspicuous absence from the sixth season of NPK left fans grappling with questions about the fate of this enigmatic figure, sparking speculation and rumors that echoed through the racing circuits.

Monza's journey into the heart of street racing began with an unyielding passion for cars, a passion that saw him take his first racing steps behind the wheel of a Chevy Monza. While details of his early life remained shrouded in mystery, his subsequent actions on the race track spoke volumes. Emerging in the early 1980s, Monza quickly became a celebrated name across street racing circuits, his mastery behind the wheel a testament to his innate talent.

Upon setting foot in Oklahoma, Monza's reputation had already preceded him, attracting fellow racers keen on testing their mettle against his. His consistent performance over the years ensured his place on the list since 2006, reflecting his enduring presence in a fiercely competitive arena.

Photo by Team Monza 405

Monza's induction into the "Street Outlaws" family in 2013 marked a pivotal moment, not just in his career but for the show itself. His racing skills, coupled with a commanding physical presence, made him a standout figure, quickly ascending to legendary status within the sport. His involvement in "Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings" further solidified his position as a premier no prep racer, a testament to his unmatched abilities on the track.

However, 2023 marked a turning point. Monza decided to step away from NPK's sixth season, citing contractual disputes. His departure underscored a deeper desire for autonomy over his racing career and a pragmatic approach towards his livelihood. Racing wasn't just a passion for Monza; it was his means of survival, a reality that made his decision to prioritize financial stability and the freedom to explore racing avenues with his newly unveiled 1970 Chevelle SS all the more understandable.

But Monza's life extends beyond the adrenaline-fueled world of street racing. Married to Tammy Johnston since 1986, Monza's family life offers a stark contrast to his racing persona. Together with their two children, Brandon and Britney, the Johnston family epitomizes unity and support, providing Monza with a stable foundation away from the racetrack.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography 

Despite his fame, Monza's personal life remains largely private, adding to his allure as an intriguing figure both on and off the track. His legacy of resilience is evident throughout his career, from overcoming significant accidents to his continuous quest for improvement.

Today, Monza's influence extends beyond the racetrack, with his YouTube channel offering fans a glimpse into his professional and personal life. Whether sharing car modifications, testing videos, or moments from his favorite hobby, fishing, Monza continues to engage with a global audience, enriching the street racing culture.

As the street racing community looks forward, Jerry "Monza" Johnston's legacy as a racer, family man, and influencer continues to flourish. His decision to step away from "Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings" may have left fans yearning for more, but it also opened a new chapter in his racing career, one that promises even greater feats.

Monza's story—a compelling blend of triumph, mystery, and resilience—remains a testament to the enduring appeal of street racing and the indomitable spirit of those who dominate its ranks. In celebrating Jerry "Monza" Johnston, we celebrate a true legend whose journey transcends the track, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of fans and the history of motorsport.

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