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The Burning Question - Will Damon Merchant Return for Season 7 After Dominating Season 6?

If you've been keeping up with the Street Outlaws scene lately, you're probably curious about Damon Merchant's whereabouts. Well, you're not alone; it's the burning question on everyone's minds right now.

Photo by Dragzine

Here's the scoop: Season 7 of Street Outlaws' No Prep Kings is already in full swing, but Damon hasn't made a peep about his racing plans. While some racers have either confirmed their participation or delayed their races for later in the season due to various reasons, Damon has remained silent.

The season kicked off earlier than expected, catching many off guard with races starting in April instead of June. This change left racers scrambling to adjust their schedules and commitments. The championship is set to kick off either this weekend or the next, depending on the recent race postponement.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography

Now, about Damon's absence. He was a force to be reckoned with in Season 6, securing the top spot in the main Invitational totals and winning two races. But this season, he's been keeping mum, leaving fans wondering if he'll make a comeback. Money could be a factor here; competing in NPK requires substantial financial backing, and Damon's team isn't known for its deep pockets. Yet, he managed to make waves with just a truck, a trailer, and a big block Chevy-based motor.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography

Here's the kicker: his winning combo got outlawed this season. The block he used is now off-limits, rendering him ineligible for a 100 lb weight break. But fear not, he has alternatives. He could swap out the block for a cast aluminum one, similar to what Jeff Lutz runs. It might not be as durable, but it could produce the same power. Plus, he might even shed another 100 lbs if he goes down that route.

Despite his ride being slightly overweight for the rules last season, let's rally behind Damon for a potential return to the tracks. He's got what it takes – a winning combo, a solid ride, and a stellar crew. It would be a shame to see him sidelined this season.

Photo by Dean Images

So, Street Outlaws fans, let's keep our fingers crossed and see if Damon Merchant fires up his engine for Season 7.

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