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Street Outlaws - Team NOLA's Engine Combos Unveiled for No Prep Kings Season 7

In the upcoming No Prep Kings Season 7, Team NOLA is gearing up with new engine combinations, showcasing their relentless pursuit of speed and dominance on the track. This article delves into the progress of key racers, shedding light on the modifications and controversial decisions made by some of the drivers.

David Gates' Transition to Screw Blown: A significant development in the NOLA team is David Gates' switch from nitrous to a screw-blown Noonan 49 Hemi engine. The engine combination, which has found its home in the Red Rum Camaro (formerly Kai Kelly's Showstopper Camaro), promises an exciting performance. The move enables both Gates and Kai Kelly to share the same engine setup, facilitating data sharing between the two cars and optimizing tuning efforts for enhanced performance.

Scott Taylor's Controversial Turbo Transition: Scott Taylor's journey has been marked by controversy, particularly with his transition from a ProCharger setup to twin turbos. The new car, equipped with HPT turbochargers (likely 88s), has seen extensive progress with completed piping for both the cold and hot sides. Despite skepticism surrounding the effectiveness of twin turbos on a prep track, Taylor's decision stems from the potential advantages of shedding weight and optimizing Boost delivery for the latter part of the track.

Addressing the Challenges of Turbocharged Pro Mods: The article addresses the challenges faced by turbocharged Pro Mod cars on no-prep tracks, emphasizing the importance of a well-prepped track for optimal performance. While acknowledging the success of some heavy Pro Mod cars, it highlights the difficulties lighter cars may encounter in fully harnessing the power of turbos during NPK events.

Team NOLA's preparations for No Prep Kings Season 7 unveil a mix of bold choices and calculated strategies. As the racing season unfolds, fans and enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the outcomes of these engine combinations on the no-prep tracks. Stay tuned for more updates on Street Outlaws and No Prep Kings on Subscribe, comment, and follow for the latest insights into the high-octane world of street racing.

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