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Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings Season 7 Confirmed – Exciting Dates Revealed

Street Outlaws fans, rejoice! No Prep Kings Season 7 is officially on the horizon, and we've got the inside scoop on two confirmed dates for this adrenaline-pumping racing series. Despite some uncertainties surrounding Season 6, the latest information points towards a thrilling continuation of the No Prep Kings saga. Read on to get the lowdown on the confirmed dates and what to expect in the upcoming season.

No Prep Kings Season 6 Recap:

Before diving into the excitement of Season 7, let's address the anticipation surrounding Season 6. Fans were initially geared up for its release on January 22nd, only to face a postponement. As of now, the new airing date for Season 6 remains undisclosed. However, worry not, as the Street Outlaws team has assured viewers that the sixth installment is indeed coming.

Confirmed Dates for Season 7:

While we eagerly await Season 6, the announcement of No Prep Kings Season 7 has sent shockwaves of excitement through the racing community. Two confirmed dates for events have surfaced, giving fans a glimpse into what promises to be another epic season.

Firebird Raceway in Idaho (August 23rd and 24th, 2024):

Mark your calendars for an action-packed weekend as No Prep Kings heads to the Firebird Raceway in Idaho. Scheduled for August 23rd and 24th, this event is set to deliver heart-stopping races and fierce competition. Idaho is gearing up to host an unforgettable leg of the No Prep Kings journey, showcasing the raw power and skill of the participating racers.

New England Dragway (May 10th and 11th, 2024):

Prepare for the rumble of engines and the scent of burning rubber as No Prep Kings takes over the New England Dragway. On May 10th and 11th, 2024, the Dragway will be transformed into a battleground for the nation's top street racers. This early-season event promises to set the tone for an exhilarating Season 7, with participants vying for supremacy on the track.

What to Expect in Season 7:

Although the schedule and rules for Season 7 are yet to be officially released, the confirmed dates at Firebird Raceway and New England Dragway indicate that the No Prep Kings series is charging ahead. Rumors suggest a total of 19 races throughout the season, promising fans a relentless display of speed, skill, and strategy.

Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings Season 7 is revving its engines and preparing to hit the tracks in style. With confirmed dates at Firebird Raceway and New England Dragway, fans can look forward to an electrifying season filled with intense races and high-stakes competition. Keep an eye on for the latest updates, and get ready to witness the adrenaline-fueled action that defines the No Prep Kings series. The streets are about to heat up once again!

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