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Street Outlaws - No Prep Kings Season 6 Airing Date Delayed: What You Need to Know

Street Outlaws fans were eagerly anticipating the premiere of No Prep Kings Season 6, only to be met with disappointment as the airing date faced an unexpected delay. In this article, we'll delve into the details surrounding the delay, address speculations, and assure fans that the highly anticipated season is still on its way.

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The Anticipation: The excitement for No Prep Kings Season 6 reached a fever pitch as fans anticipated the premiere date, initially set for the 22nd. However, the episode did not air as scheduled, leaving fans wondering about the reasons behind the unexpected delay.

Official Announcements: Unlike previous seasons, this time around, there was a lack of official announcements leading up to the anticipated premiere. The absence of updates from the official Street Outlaws channels added to the confusion and speculation among fans. It's essential to note that the delay doesn't spell the end for No Prep Kings Season 6.

Photo by Street Outlaws Talks

Behind the Scenes Insights: Speculations have arisen regarding the potential reasons for the delay. Some suggest that the production may be behind schedule, especially considering the recent airing of the Australia show, which was filmed months ago. Scott Taylor, in a live feed, mentioned the completion of filming in October, but certain aspects of the production may still be in progress.

Production Company and Discovery: A key reassurance for fans comes from the fact that the production company has sold all rights, including filming and production, to Discovery. Scott Taylor explicitly stated that if Discovery has paid for it, the season will air. This should alleviate concerns about the show's cancellation.

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Expected Air Date: While an official air date is yet to be announced, there is confidence that No Prep Kings Season 6 will hit the screens soon. The delay may push the premiere back by a month or so, but fans can rest assured that they will get to witness the intense racing action they've been eagerly awaiting.

Addressing Concerns: Online chatter has fueled rumors of the show's cancellation, but it's crucial to distinguish speculation from facts. Street Outlaws Talks emphasizes that the season is not canceled, and fans can look forward to the production hitting the airwaves in the near future.

Street Outlaws enthusiasts may be facing a bit of a wait for No Prep Kings Season 6, but the delay should not dampen the excitement. With the production company selling all rights to Discovery, the show is guaranteed to air. Stay tuned for official announcements as the behind-the-scenes drama and high-stakes racing of No Prep Kings Season 6 are set to captivate fans once again. Keep visiting Street Outlaws Talks for the latest updates on the upcoming season!

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Carrie Scott
Carrie Scott
Feb 06

My husband and I are unable to go to the live shows as we are poor. Are they ever going to come to Bakersfield, CA? We have a really nice track.


Ivy Sistrunk
Ivy Sistrunk
Jan 24

Actually, my husband and I have waited a loooong time since the Austrailia show as everyone else has. We were devasted when the show was not aired on the 22nd. Our lives would not be the same if STREET OUTLAWS happened to be discontinued. Thanks to Scott for giving us encourement in the fact that it will be back. (I'm in lovewith Scott Taylor anyway. Ok so I am 75yrs.old woman, but I am not dead)

Love all of you,

Ivy 💕

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