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Street Outlaws Monza Reveals Latest Progress on the Grand Prix!

In the world of automotive enthusiasts, there are few moments more anticipated than updates from the iconic figure known as Monza. In a recent video he shared, Monza generously grants his fans an exclusive peek into the impressive advancements he's made on his Pontiac Grand Prix project. Let's delve into the key highlights of this thrilling progress report.

Monza reveals latest progress on the Grand Prix

Monza reveals latest progress on the Grand Prix. Photo by Monza 405 Motorsports

The video opens with an enthusiastic round of applause, creating an atmosphere of anticipation for something extraordinary. Monza swiftly gets to the crux of the matter without delay – his cherished Pontiac is now fully operational. This achievement alone is a reason for jubilation among the dedicated fans who have been avidly following this journey.

Monza reveals latest progress on the Grand Prix

Monza reveals latest progress on the Grand Prix. Photo by Monza 405 Motorsports

The central element of the project, a brand-new engine procured from Thompson Motorsports, is revealed. Monza expresses regret for the absence of the valve covers, citing clearance issues with the header heater box as the reason. However, this unforeseen twist of events actually proves to be advantageous, resulting in a cleaner appearance and more efficient coil placement.

One of the most noteworthy improvements is the addition of the ProCharger F1x, which holds the promise of significantly elevating the Pontiac's performance. The inclusion of Frankenstein boost monster heads and Bosch 210 injectors further enhances its power potential. Monza playfully mentions the unconventional use of one and seven-eighth-inch headers temporarily installed due to a waiting period for the correct two-inch headers. The car's practicality remains intact with the inclusion of both a heater and air conditioner, ensuring it retains its status as a genuine street-legal vehicle.

Monza reveals latest progress on the Grand Prix

Monza reveals latest progress on the Grand Prix. Photo by Monza 405 Motorsports

The commitment to enhancement goes beyond just the engine compartment. Monza emphasizes enhancements to the master cylinder, which have notably boosted the car's braking capabilities. He also takes a moment to acknowledge their foray into aluminum welding and the installation of a new Holley Dash, showcasing his dedication to both aesthetics and functionality.

Video by Street Outlaws Insider

In any performance-oriented project, a dependable fuel system is indispensable, and the Pontiac's fuel delivery system has undergone a comprehensive revamp. An Aeromotive tank and pump have been integrated to guarantee that the car never experiences a fuel shortage, an essential feature for any serious racer.

Monza's Grand Prix

Monza's Grand Prix. Photo by Team Monza 405

Monza provides insights into the replacement of all fuel and transmission lines with high-quality Brown and Miller components, underscoring their unwavering commitment to achieving excellence. A brief glimpse into their workshop unveils the presence of a crimp machine, serving as a testament to their meticulous dedication to precision.

The sight of a nitrous bottle inside the car suggests the potential for future power enhancements. The car is wired for nitrous, keeping the door open for even more substantial performance improvements in the future.

Monza's Grand Prix

Monza's Grand Prix. Photo by Lou 405 Photo

Monza wraps up the video by announcing that the Pontiac will undergo dyno testing the following day, unveiling its actual power output. He drops a hint about an upcoming event in Alva, Oklahoma, where fans will have the opportunity to witness the car in action and meet the team. Infused with his characteristic enthusiasm, Monza shares his plans to enjoy the car with his family during weekends, reflecting the deeply personal significance of the project.

The video leaves fans eagerly anticipating more, as Monza drops hints about forthcoming updates and dyno performance figures. While expressing regret for the limited recent video content, he reassures viewers that his schedule is packed with events and preparations for the upcoming hunting season.

In summary, Monza's Grand Prix project serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication and passion that drive the world of car enthusiasts. With each enhancement and modification, he brings his Pontiac one step closer to perfection, all the while sharing this exciting journey with his devoted fans. As the dyno session looms on the horizon, anticipation runs high, and Monza's infectious enthusiasm continues to keep us all eagerly awaiting the next thrilling chapter in this remarkable automotive adventure.

Video by Monza 405 Motorsports

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