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Street Outlaws End Game Comes to The End!

The Street Outlaws have come to make quite a name for themselves on the Discovery channel – even launching spin-offs such as Street Outlaws: Fastest in America and most recently Street Outlaws: End Game, which first premiered back in July.

Photo by Discovery UK

Fans of the series are currently watching stars JJ Da Boss, Murder Nova, Kye Kelley, Axman and Ryan Martin fix up old cars and get them ready for street racing.

On the series premiere of Street Outlaws: End Game, fans can see Ryan Martin kicks off the series with his dream car, a 1970 Chevelle SS, while his teammate Murder Nova opts to revive a 1974 Chevrolet Caprice Convertible, aka “Fire Donk”.

Photo by Discovery UK

Photo by Murder Nova Youtube

The Street Outlaws: Memphis star JJ Da Boss recruited his kids to gear up his 1996 Chevy II Nova, aka Ziptie, for his upcoming competition.

Photo by Street Outlaws Vids

Axman rebuilt a 1934 Ford V-8 Deluxe from a field on his property. Back in the day, these were known as "Bonnie and Clyde" cars.

Photo by Discovery UK

Kye Kelley made attempts on several different vehicles before deciding on “Claude Banks,” a 1987 Buick Regal.

Photo by Kye Kelley Instagram

The show is nice by connecting 5 guys that fans never thought would be on the same team: Kye Kelley, JJ Da Boss, Murder Nova, Ryan Martin and last but not least, Axman. They had a blast working together as a team to race during this End Game series.

By following along with the Kelley’s Vlog channel at Kye Kelley Racing, fans are waiting for the last episode of End Game, when it all comes down to Claude Banks Regal to race 30 Las Vegas Locals. Sure, Kye’s schedule might be a little bit tight but that certainly isn’t going to stop him from competing. Without further ado, let’s check out the latest at Claude Banks has to offer alongside some of his friends.

Video by Kye Kelley Racing Youtube

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