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Sportsmanship Shines as The 405 Help Fix Murder Nova to Race Reaper

In a recent episode of Street Outlaws season 5, tensions ran high as Reaper, despite having trouble with his own car, called out Murder Nova for a race. Both their cars were broken, but that didn't stop Reaper from wanting to challenge Shaun.

Photo by Discovery Australia

However, what happened next was a testament to the camaraderie and sportsmanship of the drivers in the 405. Instead of letting Shaun face Reaper without a functioning car, the entire team rallied together to help fix the Murder Nova.

Photo by Discovery Australia

The scene was reminiscent of a pit crew at a NASCAR race. The drivers and their teams worked tirelessly to get the car back up and running in time for the race. Each person had a specific task, from checking the engine to fixing the transmission.

It was clear that the drivers in the 405 have a deep respect for each other, and they were willing to do whatever it took to ensure a fair race. Despite the intense competition, they all recognize that they are in this together. In the end, Shaun was able to get back on the road and face off against Reaper. The race was intense, with both drivers pushing their cars to the limit. They both hustled up and put their cars on the line with no excuse or tears.

Photo by Discovery Australia

The show is about more than just racing. It's about the bonds that are formed between these drivers and the passion they share for their cars. The 405 is a tight-knit community, and this episode showed just how strong that bond can be. They are a family, and they will do whatever it takes to ensure a fair race. It's this sense of community that sets Street Outlaws apart from other racing shows and makes it a fan favorite.

Photo by Goliath 405

The 405's willingness to come together and help fix Murder Nova's car was not only inspiring, but it also showcased the true spirit of the show. It's not just about winning races, but it's about the relationships that are formed between these drivers and the bonds that are created through their shared passion for racing.

Video by Discovery Australia

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