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Secrets Behind Big Chief from Street Outlaws

Early Life and Rise to Fame

Justin Shearer, better known as Big Chief, is a prominent figure in the street racing world, primarily due to his role on the hit show "Street Outlaws." His love for cars and street racing began at a young age in Oklahoma City, where street racing was more than a hobby—it was a way of life. Big Chief's mechanical skills and driving talent helped him build a reputation, particularly with his iconic Pontiac GTO, known as The Crow. This car, initially a salvage shell, underwent extensive modifications, becoming a symbol of Big Chief's ingenuity and ambition.

Photo by Big Chief

Street Outlaws

Big Chief's dominance in the Oklahoma City racing scene caught the attention of a production team, leading to the creation of "Street Outlaws." His charisma and determination made him a perfect centerpiece for the show, which blends high-octane action with real-world competition drama. Big Chief helped shape the show's narrative and established the iconic 405 list, ranking Oklahoma City's fastest street cars. The show's success propelled Big Chief to national fame, making him a household name in street racing.

Personal Life and Divorce

For many years, Big Chief and his wife, Allicia, appeared as a stable and supportive couple on "Street Outlaws," raising two sons together. However, their marriage eventually faltered, and their separation shocked fans. The lack of details about the divorce fueled speculation and rumors, with infidelity accusations surfacing. Big Chief's new relationship with fellow racer Jackie Braasch further complicated the public's perception. Despite the scrutiny, Big Chief and Jackie have maintained their relationship, showcasing their shared passion for racing.

Photo by Big Chief

Business Ventures

Beyond racing, Big Chief is a savvy entrepreneur. He co-founded Midwest Street Cars, which grew from a small operation into a significant entity in the street racing scene. Through this platform, Big Chief has provided opportunities for fellow racers and engaged fans with the sport. His business acumen has allowed him to expand his brand through merchandise sales, sponsorships, and partnerships, solidifying his position in the automotive industry. Big Chief's willingness to take risks and think outside the box has been crucial to his success.

The Crash and Recovery

Big Chief's career faced a significant challenge when he was involved in a severe crash with The Crow. The accident left him with severe injuries, including broken bones and a concussion. Doctors warned that a full recovery might be impossible, threatening his racing career. However, Big Chief's determination and rigorous rehabilitation efforts saw him return to the racing scene, though his approach to racing changed. He shifted from reckless abandon to calculated precision, reflecting a newfound maturity and respect for his own mortality.

Photo by Big Chief 405

Legacy and Future

Big Chief's journey from a local street racer to a reality TV icon has been remarkable. His role on "Street Outlaws" has evolved from competitor to mentor, guiding the 405 crew and participating in various spin-off series. His influence extends beyond television, as he has become a symbol of determination and excellence in the street racing community. Despite criticisms that the show glamorizes dangerous activities, Big Chief advocates for safer racing initiatives.

Looking ahead, Big Chief's entrepreneurial spirit suggests many possibilities, including ventures in the automotive parts market, a clothing line, or even establishing his own racing league. His ongoing impact on the street racing culture and his commitment to safety and innovation ensure that his legacy will continue to evolve.

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