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Scott Taylor Unveils Upgraded No Prep Kings Camaro: Little Goldie

Street Outlaws fans, get ready for an exciting update on the latest addition to Scott Taylor's fleet of no prep racing machines. In this edition of Street Outlaws No Prep Talk, we delve into the details of Scott Taylor's newly upgraded No Prep Kings Camaro, lovingly named "Little Goldie." Join us as we explore the features that make this car stand out and how it pays tribute to Scott's racing heritage.

Scott Taylor, a prominent figure in the world of no prep racing, has recently taken the wraps off his latest creation – an upgraded version of his renowned track dominator, Track Doe. This new car, dubbed "Little Goldie," is not just a fresh coat of paint but a powerhouse of enhancements designed to elevate Scott's racing performance to new heights.

Photo by Scott Taylor Motorsports

Little Goldie is a procharged Hemi car, a departure from the twin-turbo setup on Track Doe. The choice of a procharger setup indicates Taylor's commitment to pushing the boundaries of speed and consistency on the no prep tracks. The striking gold color of the car pays homage to Scott Taylor's father, who once raced a 1967 Camaro named Little Goldie. This upgraded version is a fitting tribute to the racing legacy passed down through generations.

The key feature that sets Little Goldie apart is its significant weight reduction, achieved through the incorporation of more titanium components. The lighter chassis allows Scott Taylor to exploit the no prep rules effectively, potentially giving him a competitive edge. The reduced weight enables adjustments to be made strategically, optimizing the weight distribution for different track conditions and increasing the car's overall performance.

Photo by Scott Taylor Motorsports

In the world of no prep racing, where every ounce matters, the enhanced Little Goldie is poised to make waves. Scott Taylor aims to capitalize on the advantages of the procharged Hemi setup, confident that it will outperform the twin-turbo configuration. While twin turbos have seen significant advancements, Taylor believes that the characteristics of a procharger or screw blower car are better suited to the specific challenges posed by the No Prep Kings tracks.

The anticipation among Street Outlaws fans is palpable as they eagerly await the debut of Little Goldie on the No Prep Kings circuit. Scott Taylor's meticulous approach to building and upgrading his racing machines has consistently delivered thrilling performances on the track. Season 7 promises to be no different, with the dynamic duo of Track Doe and Little Goldie poised to set the no prep racing scene ablaze.

Photo by Scott Taylor Motorsports

As Scott Taylor continues to push the envelope in the world of no prep racing, the unveiling of Little Goldie adds another layer of excitement to the upcoming season. With its procharged Hemi setup, striking gold color, and strategic weight reduction, this upgraded Camaro is more than just a tribute – it's a formidable contender for the No Prep Kings throne. Stay tuned to for more updates on Scott Taylor's racing endeavors and all things Street Outlaws.

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