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Scott Taylor's Turbo Setup Unveiled: Will Turbos Make a Comeback on NPK?

Street Outlaws fans, gear up for some exciting news! In the latest developments, Scott Taylor has just completed his twin-turbo setup on Track Doe, formerly equipped with a ProCharger. This transition has sparked discussions among racing enthusiasts about the potential resurgence of turbochargers in the No Prep Kings (NPK) series. In this article, we delve into the details of Scott Taylor's new setup and explore the possibilities of turbos making a strong comeback on the NPK circuit.

Photo by Scott Taylor Motorsports 

Scott Taylor's Turbo Transformation: Scott Taylor, a seasoned racer in the Street Outlaws scene, recently acquired a twin-turbo system for his car, previously known as Track Doe. The transformation was executed by Bad Habits Fab, and with the new setup in place, Taylor is gearing up for testing and competition.

Turbos Climbing the Performance Ladder: The current buzz around turbos stems from Todd Moer's remarkable feat, breaking both the Eighth Mile and Quarter Mile records for a door car just a week ago. Moer's turbocharged vehicle reached an impressive 273 mph in the quarter-mile, setting a new standard for the racing community. While such records are awe-inspiring, questions linger about the feasibility of replicating similar achievements in the No Prep Kings series.

Photo by Scott Taylor Motorsports 

Record-Breaking Challenges and Possibilities: The recent records set by Todd Moer undoubtedly showcase the power of turbocharged setups, especially in the quarter-mile. However, discussions around the NPK series reveal that turbo cars have faced challenges in past seasons. Despite Ryan's success with a twin-turbo setup in season 3, many racers shifted to ProChargers in season 4, citing improved consistency and speed.

NPK Dynamics and Turbo Struggles: The article delves into the dynamics of the NPK series, highlighting the struggles faced by turbocharged cars in recent seasons. As ProCharger and screw blower combinations gained dominance, turbo cars lagged behind in performance. The writer acknowledges the potential advantages of the new egate setup, which may offer improved tuning capabilities for turbocharged vehicles.

Photo by Scott Taylor Motorsports 

Scott Taylor's Past and Future with Turbos: The article reflects on Scott Taylor's racing history, noting his previous stint with turbos back in 2016 on John Doe. Despite not achieving notable success, Taylor switched to ProCharger and nitrous. The anticipation now surrounds what he can accomplish with the latest twin-turbo setup on Track Doe.

As Scott Taylor prepares to put his new twin-turbo setup to the test, the racing community eagerly awaits the outcome. Will turbos make a strong comeback on NPK tracks? Only time will tell, and Street Outlaws fans will be glued to the action as the season unfolds. Stay tuned to for the latest updates and insights into the world of Street Outlaws.

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