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Scott Taylor's Bold Move: Twin Turbo Setup and New Car for No Prep Kings Season

Street Outlaws fans are buzzing with excitement as Scott Taylor, a prominent figure in the No Prep Kings series, gears up for a major shift in his racing setup. In a recent episode of Street Outlaws No Prep Talk, details were unveiled about Taylor's bold move to introduce a twin turbo setup in one of his NPK cars and the arrival of a brand-new ProCharger-equipped car.

Photo by Scott Taylor Motorsports

The Turbo Transition: Scott Taylor, known for his previous ProCharger setup, is not making a complete switch to turbos. The upcoming car, expected to be ready by mid-January, will retain the ProCharger system. The decision to keep a ProCharger setup on the new car stems from its lighter weight, providing Taylor with the flexibility to choose between the F4 136 and F4 1401 ProCharger models.

Photo by Scott Taylor Motorsports

Twin Turbo Innovation: On the flip side, Taylor's two-year-old car is set to undergo a radical transformation, embracing a twin turbo setup. The decision raises eyebrows and speculation among fans, who are eager to see how this unconventional choice plays out in the competitive world of No Prep Kings racing.

Potential Performance Factors: The catalyst behind Taylor's move to twin turbos remains a topic of discussion. Some speculate that recent successes of screw blow and ProCharger cars at a promod race may have influenced this decision. However, Taylor is expected to put both setups to the test and determine which one performs better under the unique conditions of No Prep Kings racing.

Photo by Scott Taylor Motorsports

Turbocharger Details: The twin turbo setup on Taylor's revamped car will feature HBT turbochargers. Fabrication of the turbo system is slated to be completed in the coming weeks, ensuring that both cars undergo testing by January. Fans eagerly await the results to see if the twin turbo experiment can rival the proven performance of the ProCharger system.

Photo by Scott Taylor Motorsports

Strategic Considerations: While turbo cars may excel on fully prepped tracks, the NPK series presents a different challenge with its unprepped surfaces. Taylor's decision to maintain a ProCharger setup on the new car suggests a strategic approach, allowing him to adapt to varying track conditions and potentially outperform the twin turbo variant.

Next Season Anticipation: As the off-season unfolds, fans of Street Outlaws eagerly await the next season of No Prep Kings to witness Scott Taylor's dual-car strategy in action. The high-stakes decision to run both ProCharger and twin turbo setups will undoubtedly add an extra layer of excitement to the already intense and unpredictable world of No Prep Kings racing.

Photo by Scott Taylor Motorsports

Stay tuned to for the latest updates on Scott Taylor's racing endeavors and all things Street Outlaws.

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