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Ryan Talks NPK Season 6 Rules. Are these truly "anti-405" Rules?

The highly anticipated No Prep Kings is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling racing events globally, and fans of the show are eagerly waiting for season six to commence. Recently, the hosts delve into some of the new rules released for the upcoming season and their potential implications for the competitors.

Ryan Martin, who has been the dominant force in No Prep Kings for three consecutive years, is the focal point of the discussion. Martin has managed to maintain his top spot by tweaking his car to comply with the rules, giving him an advantage over his rivals.

Photo by Fireball Camaro

The significant news for the upcoming season is that Martin may modify his car again, this time with a screw blower setup. Although there is no concrete evidence to support the rumor, many fans are speculating that it could be true.

Photo by Fireball Camaro

The new rules released for the upcoming season are behind the speculation. These rules seem to favor cars with screw blower setups, giving them a weight advantage over vehicles with other types of superchargers or turbos. Some fans even refer to these rules as "anti-405" rules because they appear to target slowing down the dominant cars from the 405 crew.

Photo by Street Outlaws

The true test will be on the track, and it's still uncertain whether Martin or his rivals can take advantage of the new rules. Nonetheless, one thing is certain: No Prep Kings season six is gearing up to be one of the most exciting yet.

Photo by Fireball Camaro

Fans of the show are eagerly looking forward to the season's commencement and will tune in each week to see who emerges victorious. With fresh cars, regulations, and challengers, this season guarantees to be a memorable one. So, brace yourself, fasten your seatbelt, and get ready for the ride of your life as No Prep Kings season six is just around the corner.

By following along with the new vlog of Ryan Martin, we get to know how he did in Australia and his talk about NPK season 6 rules. One thing for sure that he doesn't play games when it comes to racing. When we see him on the race track, we know he's obviously going to be an undefeatable one!

Video by Ryan Martin (Fireball Camaro)

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