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Ryan Martin Talks About Red Lighting at NPK

Most of the time, when something is happening on the streets, there are a lot more variables to consider and definitely an argument to be made on either side, however, when it comes to the timing systems that are put in place on race track, at times, it can be hard to argue.

If you’ve been on social media at all the past couple of days, you’ve likely seen something about Robin Roberts redlighting against Ryan Martin at the Finals of Street Outlaws No Prep Kings in Colorado a couple of weekends ago. There’s been a lot of controversy involving Robin Roberts and Ryan and every single redlight that happened in the Invitational at Summit Motorsport Park.

Photo by Fireball Camaro Facebook

We can definitely see where an argument would be brought up because it appears as if the Fireball Camaro is sitting absolutely still until after the light turns green. In a racing format that comes down to inches sometimes, though, perhaps he was staged too close to the beams beyond what a human eye could pick up as a car moved forward ever so slightly or maybe the timing system underwent some sort of error because even machines like these are not 100% perfect.

Ryan has not jumped the light in more than 4 seasons of No Prep Kings Championship and has never lost a race this way in the last few years, and all of a sudden he has lost two events due to the same problem, turning on the red light while launching at the same time as the guy in the lane next to him.

Down in below video, Ryan Martin talked about the beam, red lighting and what really happened.

Video by Odom Racing

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