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Ryan Martin’s Procharged Gray Car Returns at No Prep Kings Ohio

Hello, Street Outlaws fans! Today, we’ve got some exciting news about Ryan Martin and his famous gray car making a triumphant return at the No Prep Kings event in Ohio. As always, don’t forget to subscribe, comment, and stay tuned for more updates on the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings race series and other Street Outlaws shows.

Photo by Street Outlaws Live 

It’s official: Ryan Martin has brought out his gray car for this weekend’s No Prep Kings event at National Trail Raceway. Recent photos from Bobby Ducote’s live feed confirm that the gray car is on-site and ready to race. Ryan recently tested the car and has opted for the 140 ProCharger, which allows him to weigh as little as 2,775 pounds. This decision comes after the 136 combination he ran last season had an additional 50-pound weight penalty added.

Ryan has been running a screw-blown combination in the first five races this season, which he claimed was faster than the gray car. With this setup, he has already clinched a victory, possibly at the second or third race, and reached the finals in the most recent event. Despite this success, it seems Ryan has decided to bring back the gray car, perhaps for its reliability and proven performance.

Photo by Street Outlaws Live 

The gray car is no stranger to victory, having won the season 4 and season 5 championships, as well as the season 6 team championship. Clearly, this car has a strong track record and could be a formidable competitor this weekend.

The weather conditions are expected to be favorable for ProCharger cars, which thrive in good air. This could provide a slight edge for Ryan and his gray car. However, screw-blown cars also perform well under these conditions, so it will be interesting to see how the competition unfolds.

In addition to Ryan’s return with the gray car, we’re seeing more racers join the fray today, which might result in a full field at National Trail Raceway. Last season, this was the first race and it proved to be a challenging track, so we can expect some thrilling action.

Photo by Street Outlaws Live


Interestingly, Jeff Lutz is also making a comeback with his GTO after running a Mustang in the last couple of races. Despite a crash in the last race, his team has nearly rebuilt the Mustang, so we can anticipate seeing it back on the track soon.

As for this weekend, all eyes will be on Ryan Martin and his gray car. Will it prove to be the winning combination once again? We can’t wait to find out. Let’s gear up for an awesome show and hope for a full 32-car field, something we haven’t seen yet this season. Stay tuned and let’s see what unfolds at National Trail Raceway!

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