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Ryan Martin's Champagne Papi Camaro with New Twin Turbo Setup Geared Up for The OKC Show

Renowned street racing aficionado, Ryan Martin, has once again set the automotive world abuzz with his latest creation, the 1969 Twin Turbocharged small tire Champagne Papi Camaro. With its sleek design and a reputation for delivering heart-stopping performances, this street racing beast has undergone a jaw-dropping transformation. Equipped with a brand new twin turbo setup, Ryan Martin's Champagne Papi Camaro is now primed to conquer the streets and set new benchmarks in the world of OKC racing.

Photo by FuelTech USA

The saga of the Champagne Papi Camaro commenced approximately a year ago on the 405 show, captivating audiences with its allure. At that time, this stunning Camaro showcased a nitrous big block Chevy engine. However, Martin harbored grander ambitions for his streetcar and recognized that a twin turbo configuration would serve as the ultimate game-changer.

Photo by FuelTech USA

To ensure the Champagne Papi Camaro reaches its full potential, Ryan Martin collaborated with the experts at Fuel Tech to meticulously dial in and fine-tune the twin turbo setup. The team left no stone unturned as they meticulously prepared the car for the upcoming OKC show. Every detail was scrutinized, every component optimized, to deliver a truly exhilarating experience for both driver and spectators alike.

One captivating question occupies the thoughts of fans: what direction will the upcoming season take? While the previous season showcased street cars, it remains to be seen if this trend will continue or if the show will revert to the intense competitions of small tire or big tire races. Only time will unveil the path that the 405 show will embark upon, but one thing remains unquestionable: Ryan's car is an absolute marvel.

Photo by FuelTech USA

Even in its previous iteration, the Champagne Papi Camaro demonstrated remarkable performance with its big block Chevy engine and nitrous injection. However, the introduction of the twin turbo setup marks the dawn of a new era for this street car. In the realm of small tire street cars like Ryan's, twin turbos are widely regarded as the epitome of power and drivability. By cranking up the boost, these turbochargers have the capacity to generate an astounding amount of horsepower, potentially surpassing the range of 1500-2000+. While the specific details regarding the turbos and engine remain undisclosed, one thing is undeniable: the Champagne Papi Camaro is poised to deliver unmatched performance.

Photo by FuelTech USA

While the sheer power undeniably provides an exhilarating experience, it is essential to emphasize the significance of drivability, particularly for a street car. The twin turbo configuration achieves the ideal equilibrium, granting Ryan the advantages of both worlds. With improved drivability and the capability to unleash formidable power when needed, the Champagne Papi Camaro stands ready to dominate both the streets and the affections of racing enthusiasts.

With mounting anticipation, fans find themselves pondering the potential revival of the 405 show along with its revamped racing format. Speculations arise, suggesting a possible filming towards the end of the year, following the culmination of the No Prep Kings season. Yet, at present, the fate of these events rests uncertain, leaving fans eagerly awaiting official announcements.

Photo by FuelTech USA

With the dyno session complete, the stage is set for the Champagne Papi Camaro's grand entrance onto the OKC racing scene. Fans of the 405 show are anxiously awaiting the return of their favorite street racing program, wondering how the new season will unfold. Speculations are rife about the potential changes in the format, leaving enthusiasts curious to see how the Champagne Papi Camaro will adapt to the new challenges that lie ahead.

So fasten your seatbelts, brace yourself, and prepare for an exhilarating journey as the Champagne Papi Camaro roars back to life, embodying the relentless spirit of Street Outlaws and the indomitable determination of Ryan Martin himself.

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