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Ryan Martin First Win After The Wreck - Street Outlaws Vs Australia

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

As many of us know at this point, Ryan Martin and his Phoenix Camaro went down the lanes at the No Prep Kings race at Perth Motorplex only to be met with an abrupt ending. The first-generation Camaro made a move toward the wall when he shut it down. Then he tried to steer out of trouble but the car made contact with the retaining wall.

Photo by Fireball Camaro

When speaking on what exactly caused the accident, Ryan didn’t seem to have a definitive answer. However, from what Ryan tells us, the damage to his car was a little bit unsightly but things weren’t exactly as bad as they looked. In fact, the boys from Moits Motorcars actually “lent” Ryan his front-end because getting a carbon fiber front-end for a first-generation Camaro in Australia is extremely hard. It means that they actually took the front-end of their own car to put it on Ryan’s car.

Photo by Fireball Camaro

After being asked if the incident shook Ryan up at all, he seemed to respond in his confidence in the build, specifically the chassis builder, saying that the incident really didn’t shake him at all. Things would seem to turn around as No Prep Kings headed to Willowbank Raceway where Ryan was able to go home with a victory.

In the showing, Ryan Martin really broke out his abilities, giving us all the idea that he isn’t going to back down even after a stumble with the Phoenix. Below, Off The Trailer Racing guys were on the scene to show off the racing. As usual, the racing is top notch and something to really grab the old bucket of popcorn and dig into.

Video by Off The Trailer Racing

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