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Ryan Martin Did Good But Not The Best at No Prep Kings Bandimere!

When it comes to the adrenaline-pumping world of No Prep Kings racing, the Bandimere track in Colorado is known for its unforgiving challenges and heart-pounding action. In the recent No Prep Kings Bandimere event, one name that stood out was Ryan Martin. While he put on an impressive performance, it was clear that the path to victory was no walk in the park.

Ryan Martin, with his signature red fireball, has become a household name in the world of drag racing. His skill behind the wheel and the power of his machine are unquestionable, and fans eagerly awaited his performance at Bandimere. As the race day unfolded, it became evident that Ryan Martin was here to make a statement.

The event began with high hopes for Ryan Martin, whose red fireball was a formidable contender. In the first round of the Invitational, Ryan faced off against Brad Eglian and his Luminasty. It was a battle of speed and precision, and Ryan's fireball roared to victory, setting the stage for an exciting evening of racing.

Ryan Martin's OG Fireball Camaro

Photo by Richard Rowe

The excitement continued into the second round when Ryan Martin faced Brandon James. In a head-to-head clash of titans, Ryan emerged victorious once again, showcasing his racing prowess. It seemed that Ryan was on a roll, but the real challenge was just around the corner.

The third round of the Invitational brought about one of the most highly anticipated matchups of the event – Kye Kelley versus Ryan Martin. This race was more than just a competition; it was a clash of racing legends and a battle for supremacy. Adding to the drama was the fact that Kye Kelley was driving against the original Fireball Camaro, a car he hated in the past!

Ryan Martin vs Kye Kelley

Kye Kelley versus Ryan Martin in round 3. Photo by Richard Rowe

As the lights turned green, the two cars rocketed down the strip in a blur of speed and power. It was a nail-biting race that had fans on the edge of their seats. Ryan Martin took an early lead, but Kye's screw blower, with its relentless power, began to close the gap. In the end, it was Kye Kelley who crossed the finish line first, securing a thrilling victory.

Ryan Martin vs Kye Kelley
Ryan Martin vs Kye Kelley

Photo by Upshift

For Kye Kelley, this win was undoubtedly sweet redemption. He had faced numerous defeats at the hands of Ryan Martin in the past, but on this day, he had triumphed. The victory must have been especially satisfying, considering his previous criticisms of the Fireball Camaro. It was a testament to his skill and determination as a racer.

The crucial factor in Kye Kelley's success at Bandimere was the performance of his screw blower. This powerful piece of machinery had clearly given him an edge, propelling him to victory not once but twice in the event. It was a standout performance that showcased the potential of this technology in the world of drag racing.

Ryan Martin vs Kye Kelley

Photo by Richard Rowe

What made Kye Kelley's victory even more remarkable was the history of Bandimere as a track dominated by turbo cars and nitrous cars. Traditionally, blowers had not been the favored choice at this venue. However, Kye Kelley's success challenged the status quo and demonstrated that innovation and skill could conquer even the most unforgiving tracks.

In conclusion, the Bandimere Invitational witnessed some intense racing action, and Kye Kelley emerged as the star of the event with his remarkable victories over tough competitors like Ryan Martin. His triumph was not only a personal achievement but also a milestone for the world of drag racing, as it marked the first time a blower car had officially won a No Prep Kings event at Bandimere. Kye Kelley's performance was a reminder that in the world of racing, it's not about the vehicle alone but the skill and determination of the driver that truly makes the difference.

Check out the showdown between Ryan Martin vs Kye Kelley by video footage of Upshift. Full coverage of the Invitational class at Bandimere is below:

Video by Upshift

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