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Ryan Fellows Death during Filming of Fastest in America

Ryan Fellows, a street racer and cast member of the Discovery series “Street Outlaws: Fastest in America,” has died in a car accident.

Photo by TMZ

The crash happened just outside Las Vegas early Sunday morning. Ryan was racing another driver in what was the 8th out of 9 races scheduled for the night for the show.

Every single one of Street Outlaws episodes comes with a valid warning: “Just because we're dumbasses, don't mean you can be too. So don't do any of the sh*t that we do at home.” This is a reminder that no matter how skillful you are with cars, if you’re pushing the envelope while behind the wheel, accidents become far more likely. Using the proper safety equipment, getting proper training, and racing on a closed course help minimize risk and hopefully lead to a better outcome, but there’s no way to be completely safe. This time, it’s sadly happened with Ryan Fellows.

Photo by Ryan Fellows Instagram

According to reporting from TMZ, Fellows was driving a gold Nissan 240z, and somehow lost control near the finish line, Ryan's vehicle rolled and caught fire. People reportedly tried to get him out from the car on time.

According to a spokesperson for Discovery: “The Street Outlaws family is heartbroken by the accident that led to the tragic death of Ryan Fellows. We extend our deepest sympathy to Ryan's loved ones as they process this sudden and devastating loss.”

Ryan was the guy that raced Brian Britt in the green Lamborghini Huracan on the most recent season of Memphis. Ryan leaves behind his wife, Liz, and his two kids, Josiah and Olivia. Many fans of Street Outlaws have expressed condolences to Ryan’s family:

“I didn't know him or know he was associated with the show but that doesn't matter. That's so sad man. Praying for his family.”

“My heart and prayers go out to Ryan and his family …..”

“Hate to see that. My thoughts and prayers go out to Ryan's family.”

A Go-Fund Me created for his family reads: “Ryan was an avid car enthusiast and was a road “warrior” in many ways that extended to loves of basketball, cars and business in sales/advertising. He was admired for tenacity and a relentless drive to overcome the challenges before him.”

Photo by Go-Fund Me

Fellows’ death comes several months after two other racers on the show – husband and wife Jonathan “JJ Da Boss” and Tricia Day – were left with serious injuries following a crash. Some people have shared their thoughts about filming this season in Vegas. It’s believed that there's a bunch of new rules and lots of stuff partially enforced this road was easily one of the most dangerous roads. These racers know the chances that they take and what’s at risk every time they get into one of these cars, but driving by the passion they are willing to risk it all for the love they have for speed.

Racers all over America will remember him as a fine professional who came to win on race day.

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