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Rules of NPK Season 6 Are Out!!!

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Street Outlaws fans are thrilled about the No Prep Kings season 6, and the announcement of the rule book has only heightened the excitement. As usual, the Street Outlaws gang and their community are making preparations to get ready for this upcoming event.

Photo by Daddy Dave

In a video shared by Reaper, he elaborates on the rulebook and the effects it may have on the competition. Reaper said that the new set of guidelines seems to be designed to even the playing field and that it could result in the elimination of the big-money racers.

Reaper believes that the new rules may harshly impact the higher-budget teams that rely on modified or custom-built cars. However, it could level the competition given that everyone will be racing under the same guidelines. His team will adapt to the new guidelines and prepare their car accordingly.

Photo by Reaper SS

The new rules are expected to result in closer competitions and strategic alterations to vehicles. Reaper says he has gathered a lot of valuable information that will assist his team in constructing a better, more competitive racing vehicle. Having said that, he also revealed that the team has been waiting for the rules to come out so they can test some modifications to the vehicle.

Photo by HPP Racing

With the new rules released, the No Prep Kings races are expected to be closer and more action-packed than ever before. Fans are eager to see how their favorite drivers will adapt to the rule changes and how the racing community will react to the new set of guidelines. Only time will tell how this new shift will impact the sport and what surprises the NPK Season 6 has in store for us.

Video by Street Outlaws Reaper SS

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