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Ride with Chuck in His Dad's Fault '66 Chevelle

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

It seems as if, no matter how accomplished one might get in the world of wheels, at our core, we all truly appreciate the same simple things. Whether it’s the feeling of horsepower hitting you in the face when you take off from the starting line or just a simple night hanging out in the garage and shooting the sh*t with a couple of buddies, these basic yet incredibly gratifying moments are why many enthusiasts partake in the hobby on some level.

Fortunately, through the power of technology and social media, fans are able to join in on these cool moments on a level like never before with some of their favorite racers.

In this particular situation, we get a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes on Chuck Seitsinger Racing Youtube Channel as he is heading over to The McKee's shop for a few upgrades on his ‘66 Chevelle. He put everybody on notice that he can still build small tire cars, and make them faster than the rest of the competition. His small tire Fox Body Mustang has been beating the fastest in the 405 area and is probably one of the fastest cars the 405 crew has on hand regarding small tires.

Photo by Chuck Seitsinger Racing

Today we bring you a video that features his Chevelle just like the one that his father had back in 1979 and the most important thing is that Chuck’s father had raced his Chevelle and to Chuck, this was the fastest car he had seen as a kid. This showroom quality build is something that we cannot take our eyes off and at the very beginning, Chuck tells everybody that this is one of those cars that stays in the family for quite a long time and he would never give it up.

Photo by Chuck Seitsinger Racing

So why don’t we check out his father’s legacy and hear much more about it, while watching this amazing 1966 Chevelle with a big block under the hood and a four-speed manual transmission as he takes a ride to McKee’s Shop to get even more upgrades for it?

Video by Chuck Seitsinger Racing

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