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Richard Rawlings Kicks Off 2023 With Amazing Muscle Car Duo!

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Richard Rawlings and his Gas Monkey Garage have been on the air for quite some time and over the years his concept of the show has changed like they normally do. The start of a new year is a great time to put a new project or two into motion. YouTubers Gas Monkey Garage & Richard Rawlings do just that by hunting for potential build projects in the Lone Star State. Out of the dozens of tempting classic cars there, only two will go back to the garage.

Photo by Gas Monkey Garage & Richard Rawlings

This time however it seems that they are back to basics where they find the best muscle cars available for the money and get them ready for the road, or at least for the next customer while making a few bucks.

It appears that he is in luck today because the guy he visited to try and find some good deals on classic American Muscle cars has something special for him.

Photo by Gas Monkey Garage & Richard Rawlings

Richard immediately finds a late 1970s Ford Bronco XLT Free Wheeling that he wants. Then a clean, all-original, numbers-matching 1964 Chevy Chevelle SS convertible distracts him. But a diamond in the rough awaits him behind an old shipping container: a 1966 Pontiac GTO.

A previous owner has inexplicably swapped its original four-speed manual for an automatic, and its 454 engine no longer runs. But the potential proves to be irresistible with its iconic profile, cool taillights, deep-dish Cragar wheels, and the complete interior with optional headrests and cushions. Richard understandably loves this Pontiac GTO and decides to buy it. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure they say and it looks like they were quite right when it comes to this ’66 GTO.

Photo by Gas Monkey Garage & Richard Rawlings

As always, Richard came prepared and he is ready to pay the man and load the 1966 GTO on the trailer to take it to the popular Gas Monkey Garage where he will bring it back to life and flip it very, very, fast as he always does.

Before he can do that, however, he needs to choose another vehicle so to find out what kind, check out this great video and see him in action again doing what Richard does best.

Video by Gas Monkey Garage & Richard Rawlings

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