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Recent Update on Lizzy Musi and Bonnie Camaro

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

There are a couple of names on the No Prep Kings circuit that just can’t be left out of the “top dog” conversation. Let’s just say that Lizzy Musi is one of those drivers that you can really count on to make a push for the win.

There has been a lot of controversy regarding Pat Musi, Lizzy Musi and Kye Kelley since last season. There has been also a lot of rumors regarding what Lizzy Musi wants to do this season whether she was going to run Bonnie Camaro from her father or switch to a screw blower car. Up until now, we haven’t heard any public announcement, however, at the upcoming No Prep Kings season, Pat Musi has recently set for Fourth Year of Partnership with ACL Bearings in 2023. It means we still can see Lizzy Musi and her Bonnie showing her strong in the coming No Prep Kings season 6.

Photo by Pat Musi Racing Engine

The partnership between Pat Musi Racing Engines and ACL Bearings continues to be a strong one, as the company’s ACL RACE Series performance engine bearings will be the Official Engine Bearing of Pat Musi Racing Engines for a fourth straight year. The burgeoning partnership continues to be impressively beneficial to both companies, with Pat Musi and his team designing a custom engine bearing for his applications. By working closely with ACL Bearings, the custom engine bearings have been highly successful in the racing world for Musi and the Musi Racing team, and ACL Bearings continues to enjoy the benefits of its first major drag racing sponsorship.

With Musi continuing to push the envelope when it comes to engine innovation, he knows the importance of a bearing that can hold up to his high-performance demands. ACL Bearings has showcased an impressive track record in that area, and Musi has also enjoyed the versatility their product provides.

Photo by Pat Musi Racing Engine

Whether it’s Musi’s massive 959-powered nitrous engines or the Edelbrock/Musi 555 Crate Engine, Musi trusts the custom bearing set the two companies worked together to develop. It’s a ready-to-use product and has drawn rave reviews in the sport.

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