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Procharger Weight Controversy on No Prep Kings 6 and The Potential for Rule Adjustments?!

The sixth season of the adrenaline-pumping racing series, Street Outlaws' No Prep Kings, roared to life with an electrifying opening race that showcased Kayla as the deserving victor. However, the excitement quickly gave way to a storm of controversy surrounding the dominance of the Pro Charger and a contentious weight deduction issue.

Photo by Radical Speed

Within this season, a specific group of racers utilizing the cutting-edge 136 millimeter Pro Charger became the focal point of the controversy. These advanced superchargers provided an undeniable advantage on the track. As per the published rules, cars equipped with centrifugal superchargers, including the 136 millimeter Pro Charger, were required to meet a base weight of 2750 pounds. Additional considerations were made for factors such as lockup, engine size, and vehicle age.

Kye Kelley's Jang A Lang

The controversy stemmed from a specific message in the weight editions and induction section of the rules. The message indicated that vehicles utilizing centrifugal superchargers of 136 millimeters or smaller could deduct an additional 50 pounds from their base weight. However, it was later discovered that this message was a typographical error. Participants were instructed to disregard it for the first race of No Prep Kings' sixth season.

Despite the error being acknowledged, some racers took advantage of the erroneous weight deduction during the initial race, opting to run 50 pounds below their designated base weight. While no immediate actions were taken in response to this discrepancy, all eyes are now focused on the upcoming race in Virginia to observe whether cars equipped with the 136 millimeter Pro Charger will adhere to the correct base weight or continue to exploit the weight deduction.

Ryan Martin's War Machine. Photo by Radical Speed

The controversy has ignited a spirited debate within the Street Outlaws community. Although the rules technically allowed for the weight deduction, many are questioning whether it should be permitted if it was indeed a mistake.

As anticipation mounts for the next race, Street Outlaws' No Prep Kings faces the challenge of navigating the weight controversy and deciding whether adjustments need to be made to the rules. Ultimately, the fate of the Procharger weight controversy lies in the hands of the racing community and the show's organizers as they determine the appropriate course of action.

Larry "Axman" Roach's Game Changer. Photo by Radical Speed

The Procharger Rule Controversy at No Prep Kings Ohio has captured the attention of fans and participants alike. Street Outlaws No Prep Talk, a trusted source for insights and analysis, provides an in-depth exploration of this controversy and examines the likelihood of rule adjustments. As the discussion continues to unfold, their perspectives contribute to the ongoing dialogue about maintaining fairness and competitiveness in the sport.

Video by Street Outlaws No Prep Talk

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