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NPK Murder Nova Update! Just In Time For Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Season 6!

The highly anticipated update of the NPK Murder Nova has finally arrived, just in time for Season 6 of Street Outlaws No Prep Kings. After much anticipation from fans, the wait is over as Modern Racing presents the redesigned Murder Nova.

Located in Mooresville, North Carolina, the new Murder Nova has undergone a significant transformation. It now features a powerful Proline mh7 Hemi and a ProCharger f4x, making it a force to be reckoned with on the streets. Fans are thrilled with these high-performance additions.

Photo by Murder Nova

One notable change is the introduction of a 34" tire, which provides better traction and control. This upgrade allows the team to strategically add weight, improving the car's performance and making it a formidable competitor on the track.

After a long journey to Modern Racing, the team finally unveils the revamped Murder Nova, showcasing the new engine and its promising results. Despite a slight increase in weight of approximately 30 pounds compared to the previous setup, the team is confident in the car's potential.

Modern Racing's dedication and attention to detail are evident as they bring the Murder Nova to life. Although the team has racing experience, they trust the professionals to fine-tune the car to perfection.

With their unwavering commitment to the NPK program, the team is preparing for the upcoming races. They are determined to make this season a resounding success and establish their dominance. Despite time constraints and unforeseen weather challenges, their optimism remains unshaken.

Photo by 187 Customs

The team believes they have the winning formula this time around, despite the long journey filled with ups and downs. With the new Murder Nova ready to hit the streets, they are confident that their hard work and dedication will pay off, allowing them to outshine the competition.

Stay tuned as the NPK Murder Nova embarks on an exhilarating season of Street Outlaws No Prep Kings. Don't forget to support the team by subscribing, liking, and commenting on their channel. Fans can't contain their excitement and eagerly anticipate witnessing the NPK Murder Nova in action, leaving its rivals behind and establishing itself as the ultimate street racing machine.

Video by 187 Customs

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