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NPK 2023 Day 1 Recap, Jeff Lutz vs John Zappia Big Grudge Race

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

The much hyped No Prep Kings Street Outlaws production has arrived in Australia with 10 American stars and their cars making the trip over for four televised events across the country. For a while now we have been watching videos of the Street Outlaws and their cars getting ready to take the trip and see how their cars measure up against the racers from half a world away, and now it is time to finally see them in action and find out for ourselves.

With their first event due to kick off tonight at the Perth Motorplex, most of the teams took the given opportunity to run a shake down test day to lose any cobwebs collected from the shipping containers.

Photo by Dragnew

The first day ended in drama with hot favorite Ryan Martin crashing the Phoenix Camaro, Martin was unhurt, but the car will miss the Perth event, but should be repaired for the next round.

However, it was very interesting that the U.S racers pretty much destroyed the Australians and seven out of the eight racers were won by the U.S racers. The score ended 7-1 with Justin Swanstrom being the only lost to the U.S Street Outlaws.

Photo by Justin Swanstrom

While most of the match ups won’t be known until the respective events, the most anticipated locked in show down will be between Jeff Lutz’s Pontiac – one of the few big tire NPK cars that made the trek – and Australian doorslammer legend John Zappia who has pieced together his old steel body Monaro.

Legendary Western Australian racer John Zappia's Zaps Rat

However, as you are about to see, Jeff Lutz seems to have sweet-talked his way into a deal. He has managed to persuade the racer in the next lane to give him the hit, which with these cars is something you don’t do because it looks like, Jeff stayed there for a few seconds too long and burned him down, before taking off, check it out.

Video by Street outlaws Fan Page

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