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No Prep Kings Season 7: A Farewell to Three Racing Veterans

Hey there, street racing fans! It's time for some sad news straight from the asphalt. As we gear up for the adrenaline-fueled action of No Prep Kings Season 7, it's with heavy hearts that we bid farewell to three seasoned racers who won't be hitting the track this time around.

First up, we have Chuck 55. A familiar face on the NPK circuit since its inception, Chuck has decided to take a step back and focus on his family. With his mean machine tuned to perfection by Brandon Pez, Chuck's '55 was an absolute beast on the strip last season. It's a real shame not to see him tearing up the track this year, especially with his ride dialed in at 98% overdrive.

Photo by CPaulshock Photography

Next on the list is Mike Bowman. From the world of Pro Mod to the high-stakes world of NPK, Mike brought his A-game every time he rolled onto the starting line. Despite battling through a slew of issues last season, Mike's car was lightning-fast when it counted. It's a loss for the racing community not to have him revving up for Season 7.

Photo by World Series of Pro Mod

And then there's Mike Chandler. With a car that could clock bottom 380s and a thirst for victory, Mike was poised to be a serious contender this season. Unfortunately, due to sponsorship constraints, he won't be able to make it to the starting line. It's a tough break for a racer with so much potential.

In the world of No Prep Kings, where every race is a battle and every victory hard-won, losing these three veterans is a blow to the competition. But as they say, the show must go on. While we'll miss seeing Chuck 55, Mike Bowman, and Mike Chandler tearing up the track this season, we hold out hope that they'll be back in the driver's seat for Season 8.

Photo by Mike Chandler

It's a reminder of the challenges and costs involved in competing at this level. With each passing season, we see racers come and go, but the spirit of competition remains as fierce as ever. So here's to Chuck, Mike, and Mike—may the road ahead be smooth, the sponsors plentiful, and the victories plentiful. We'll be waiting for your triumphant return to the asphalt.

Until then, keep the rubber burning and the engines roaring, because in the world of street racing, the thrill never stops.

Stay tuned to Street Outlaws Talks for more updates on all things No Prep Kings and beyond. And as always, keep it locked on the pavement and the passion alive!

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