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No Prep Kings Season 6 Update: Broadcast Moved to Fall 2024

Welcome, racing enthusiasts! Today, we delve into the burning question that's been buzzing among Street Outlaws fans for over a year: When will No Prep Kings Season 6 finally hit our screens? The anticipation has turned into a saga filled with rumors, speculations, and many unanswered questions.

Photo by Street Outlaws Live 

Last year, Street Outlaws vs. The World wrapped up on December 5th, airing during the slot typically reserved for No Prep Kings. This led fans to believe that Season 6 would kick off in early 2024. The reasoning was simple: Versus the World aired before the actual events of No Prep Kings Season 6, so logically, the new season would follow soon after. Fans expected No Prep Kings Season 6 to premiere in the first week of 2024, allowing for a brief hiatus after Versus the World.

Historically, Street Outlaws started the year strong with their flagship 405 show. However, rumors suggested the 405 show might not return, shifting the focus to No Prep Kings as the prime contender for the top spot in Street Outlaws programming. January came and went with no sign of No Prep Kings Season 6. The absence of updates led to rampant speculation. Fans turned to the drivers for answers, but even they were in the dark. Some drivers hinted that the season might air around the start of No Prep Kings Season 7, slated for April. This pushed expectations further, causing frustration as the weeks passed without an official announcement.

Photo by Street Outlaws Live 

We've learned that Discovery Channel now holds the rights to No Prep Kings Season 6. The show was filmed, edited, and ready to air, but Discovery has yet to schedule it. This led to fears that the season might be scrapped altogether, but such an outcome seems unlikely given the significant investment involved in producing the show. Airing the season is almost a financial necessity for Discovery.

A major factor in the scheduling seems to be avoiding competition with other major TV events. The NFL's Monday Night Football, in particular, has historically drawn viewers away from Street Outlaws. This competition led to speculations that Discovery might be strategizing the best possible time slot to maximize viewership without going head-to-head with high-profile sports events. Currently, Discovery is airing Mud Madness, a new show they hope will fill the void left by Street Outlaws. This choice of timing indicates that Discovery wants to introduce and establish new programming during a period with fewer competitive broadcasts. The assumption is that they prefer to launch new shows now rather than during the intense viewership period of Monday Night Football.

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Given these considerations, it's plausible that No Prep Kings Season 6 will air later in the year, potentially in the fall. This strategy aligns with Discovery’s pattern from previous years, where they launched the last season in mid-September, running through December. Such timing would once again see the show competing with Monday Night Football, but it might be a necessary compromise to fit their programming schedule.

As we await an official announcement, fans continue to speculate. The most likely scenario is a fall premiere, coinciding with the schedule of previous seasons. Discovery’s handling of Street Outlaws social media and promotions indicates a shift in focus away from the series, further supporting the theory that No Prep Kings might be aired during a less favorable time slot just to fulfill contractual obligations.

Photo by Street Outlaws Live 

In summary, the delay in airing No Prep Kings Season 6 can be attributed to strategic programming decisions by Discovery Channel. While the exact air date remains uncertain, the most logical prediction points to a fall premiere, similar to the previous season's schedule. This timing would align with Discovery’s aim to balance their new and legacy programming against competitive TV events. Stay tuned, Street Outlaws fans! Keep checking the TV guides and stay active in fan communities for the latest updates. While the wait has been long, the return of No Prep Kings promises to be worth it.

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Paul Copeland
Paul Copeland
May 25

"airing the season is almost a financial necessity for Discovery"??? Huh? Not even close. Sir, ....are you high?

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