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No Prep Kings Season 6 Final Points Standings!

In the thrilling conclusion to No Prep Kings Season 6, the final points standings have been unveiled, and the resounding champions are none other than Team Ryan Martin. Let's delve into the highlights of this season and celebrate the remarkable achievements that unfolded on the no-prep drag racing circuit.

NPK 6 Team Championship is Team Ryan Martin

NPK 6 Team Championship is Team Ryan Martin. Photo by Richard Rowe

Commencing with the individual rankings, Kye Kelley seized the coveted top spot in the Great Eight category, clinching the Individual Championship with an impressive 60.5 points. Following closely, Ryan secured the second position with 45 points, Axman landed third, and the fourth spot witnessed a tie between Murder Nova and Nate Sayler. Worth noting is the fact that participants beyond the leading contenders did not amass any points in this fiercely competitive season.

NPK Great 8 Final points standings

NPK 6 Great 8 Final points standings. Photo by Street Outlaws Stat Guy

Shifting focus to team totals, Ryan's team emerged triumphant, showcasing dominance throughout the competition. Daddy Dave secured the second position, while Kye Kelley, despite leading in points at an earlier juncture, claimed a respectable third place. Murder Nova's team secured the fourth spot, with Justin Swanstrom, Boddie, and Mike Murillo rounding out the top five. Ryan's team's stellar performance in the final race cemented their victory, even though Ryan faced an early exit in the first round. Notably, a strategic error in Kye Kelley's decision to trade Clay Cole for Kayla Morton became apparent when Clay reached the finals.

NPK 6 team Final points standings

NPK 6 Team Final points standings. Photo by Street Outlaws Stat Guy

Individual Invitational totals showcased Damon Merchant leading the pack, followed by Nate Sayler in second, Kye Kelley in third, and Ryan in fourth. This season marked a departure from the norm, with Ryan not securing a top-two position. Murder Nova claimed the fifth spot, sharing it with Robin Roberts, Kayla, and Lizzy, while Giuseppe Gentile, Clay Cole, Justin Swanstrom, Axman, Rich Bruder, Jim Howe, Chuck 55, and others rounded out the rankings.

NPK Invitational Final Totals

NPK 6 Invitational Final points standings. Photo by Street Outlaws Stat Guy

Season 6 unfolded as one of the most challenging and competitive chapters in the No Prep Kings series, with lightning-fast cars and nail-biting races keeping fans on the edge of their seats. Despite some seasoned contenders facing hurdles, the overall competition level showcased the skill and determination of the participants.

As we celebrate the crowning glory of Team Ryan Martin as the No Prep Kings Season 6 Team Champions, anticipation is already building for the next chapter. Additionally, mark your calendars for the next NPK race, rumored to be a qualifying event for the highly anticipated Season 7. The excitement continues, and the journey through the world of street outlaws promises to be an enthralling one.

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