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NPK Point Standings Update Heading to Alabama! Is NPK Season 6 the Breakthrough Year for Kye Kelley?

In the world of street racing, the No Prep Kings Championship has been making waves, and fans are eagerly following the latest developments. After the recent NPK event, we'll delve into the current point standings and explore what's in store for the upcoming races.

4 drivers have won multiple Invitational Events this season

4 drivers have won multiple Invitational Events this season. Photo by Street Outlaws No Stat Guy

As of the latest NPK Invitational event, here are the Championship point standings:

  1. Damon Merchant

  2. Nate Sayler

  3. Kye Kelley

  4. Kayla Morton

  5. Shawn Ellington

  6. Ryan Martin and Lizzy Musi

  7. Robin Roberts

  8. Giuseppe Gentile

These top eight racers will be competing in the Great 8 of next event. Notably, Kye Kelley has dropped from first place to third. Also, there have been some significant changes in the rankings lately, with racers like David Gates, Daddy Dave, Kallee Mills, Rich Bruder, Jim Howe, Chuck 55, Jeff Lutz, Scott Taylor, and Justin Swanstrom seeing shifts in their positions.

Invitational point standings heading to Alabama this weekend

Invitational point standings update heading to Alabama this weekend. Photo by Street Outlaws Stat Guy

The Great 8 for the upcoming event consists of Kye Kelley - 50 pts, Nate Sayler - 35 pts, Shawn Ellington - 30.5 pts, Kayla Morton - 26 pts, Damon Merchant - 17.5 pts, Lizzy Musi - 16 pts, Robin Roberts - 13 pts and Ryan Martin - 10 pts. Surprisingly, Axman will not be participating in the next Great 8 event, which means Kye Kelley has an opportunity to secure the championship if he performs well in the finals.

Great 8 totals heading to Alabama this weekend

Great 8 totals update heading to Alabama this weekend. Photo by Street Outlaws Stat Guy

However, the competition is far from over. If Nate Sayler wins the next race and Kye Kelley goes out in the first round, Nate could tie for the championship. Other drivers still have a slim chance but need to secure victories to stay in contention.

In the Team Totals, Kye Kelley's team is currently leading, closely followed by Ryan's team. Given that Kye has Damon and Ryan has Nate on their teams, both teams need to perform exceptionally well to secure their positions. Daddy Dave's team, Sean Ellington's team, Justin Swanstrom's team, Jay Boddie's team, and Mike Murillo's team are also in the mix.

Team point standings heading to Alabama this weekend

Team point standings update heading to Alabama this weekend. Photo by Street Outlaws Stat Guy

Unfortunately, the teams of Disco Dean and Disco Dean have faced challenges and might not have a legitimate chance at winning the championship. They'll need to step up their game for the next season if this format continues.

Disco Dean's Stinky Pinky

Disco Dean's Stinky Pinky. Photo by Dean Images

In a surprising turn of events, Damon has emerged as a strong contender, winning two NPK invitation events and possibly throwing a wrench into the Rookie of the Year prediction. Previously, it seemed like Nate was a shoo-in, but now, it's anyone's guess who will ultimately claim this prestigious title.

For Kye Kelley, the pursuit of the No Prep Kings championship has been a three-season journey filled with near misses and second-place finishes. However, as NPK Season 6 unfolds, the burning question on everyone's mind is whether it's finally time for Kye Kelley to claim the coveted title of King of No Prep.

Is NPK Season 6 the Breakthrough Year for Kye Kelley?

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography

Three seasons of coming agonizingly close to the championship have undoubtedly fueled Kye Kelley's determination. In the world of No Prep racing, where the competition is fierce and the margins between victory and defeat are razor-thin, the quest for the championship is a relentless one. Kye Kelley has been at the doorstep, but it's that last step that has proven elusive.

Is NPK Season 6 the Breakthrough Year for Kye Kelley?

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography

In Season 6, Kye Kelley finds himself in a favorable position to make his championship dreams a reality. As the championship race heats up, there are a few crucial scenarios to consider, particularly the Great 8 Championship scenarios:

  1. Championship in Hand: The most straightforward path to victory is for Kye Kelley to win this week's Great 8 event. If he can secure the victory and his closest competitor, Nate Sayler, doesn't take the runner-up position, Kye Kelley will clinch the championship.

  2. Runner-Up Hope: In case Kye Kelley finishes as the runner-up in this week's Great 8, the scenario still offers a path to the championship. For this to happen, Nate Sayler, Shawn Ellington, and Kayla Morton must not win the event. If these stars don't take the event victory, Kye Kelley can claim the championship even without a first-place finish.

It's these scenarios that fuel the excitement and anticipation in the world of No Prep racing. The sport's unpredictability is what makes it so captivating, and Season 6 is proving to be no exception. While Kye Kelley is on the cusp of achieving his long-standing dream, the championship race remains wide open, with every race bringing a fresh wave of possibilities.

Is NPK Season 6 the Breakthrough Year for Kye Kelley?

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography

While all other scenarios may extend the championship race to the last event in Ennis, Texas, the only certainty is that the No Prep Kings Season 6 championship is still very much up for grabs. The racing world watches with bated breath, eager to see if this is the season that sees Kye Kelley crowned as the ultimate champion. Whether it's "championship or bust," Kye Kelley's journey is an emblem of the unyielding spirit that defines the sport of No Prep racing.

As the season unfolds, fans eagerly await the Alabama and Texas races, known for their fast tracks and optimal racing conditions. With both tracks offering ideal air quality, we can expect racers to push their limits and aim for record-breaking speeds. Stay tuned for more adrenaline-pumping action in the world of No Prep Kings.

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