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Murder Nova's Beautiful '74 Big Wheel Caprice FIREDONK

Each and every year, the automotive community has a date marked on the calendar where we all go to Las Vegas and share what we’re passionate about. Naturally, we’re speaking of the annual SEMA show where both manufacturers and creators come together to show off their latest wears. No matter what kind of vehicle one prefers or what style they like that vehicle to cater to, the SEMA show really has something for everybody.

This time, we head to Corleone Forged booth to check out the outstanding FireDonk builds from Shawn Ellington. As we know, Shawn likes to do things a little bit differently sometimes, and with this particular creation, he’s definitely making people wonder if the combo going to work in a competitive format.

Video by LB Motorsports

While everyone else seems to be constructing cars to be as light as possible, putting together the most efficient components to a well-oiled racing machine, Shawn went for the huge 26-inch wheels which are not the best decision if you are trying to put huge amounts of power down on the street. With that, Shawn sourced a 1974 Chevrolet Caprice and made it a big wheel car with tiny little rubber band tires wrapped around the heavy and massive wheels.

Photo by Murder Nova

Below, we check in with a tour of this 1974 Caprice showing what Shawn has done to make this thing special: a 427 LSX built by Texas Speed & Performance, Fuel Tech turbo and 26-inch Corleone Forged wheels. “Not the best thing to race with but whenever you’re building a donk, that is the best thing to race with,” said Shawn Ellington.

Video by Discovery

Seeing this heavy Chevy throw down is certainly going to create an interesting situation as the combination is about as unorthodox as it gets when it comes to competitive street racing. We have no doubt in our minds, though, that Ellington is definitely a guy who can pull such a feat off.

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