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Murder Nova for sale TWICE?

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington is planning regarding the car that he is using to attack the No Prep Kings championship season 6. The rumor was that he is going to stop using the newer car, the one dubbed the NPK Murder Nova, and he is going to drive the OG Murder Nova in the No Prep Kings Championship. As you know, the OG Murder Nova is powered by the same combination that Ryan Martin and his friend Daddy Dave are running and this is why he thinks that he will have a better season than the last one.

According to what we are hearing, Shawn is going to put up the NPK Murder Nova for sale and like we already informed you, use the OG Murder Nova to try and get closer to the No Prep Kings Championship crown next year.

Photo by Murder Nova Facebook

This is the second known instance that Shawn Ellington has said that his Murder Nova was for sale. The first time in January 2019, he wrote that the OG Murder Nova was for sale on Murder Nova’s verified Facebook page. “It can be yours for $115,000 or best offer”.

Photo by Murder Nova Facebook

The OG Murder Nova was the original car, before starting a new build, also called Murder Nova. “This car has been some places and seen some places!”. He added: “Way more wins than losses in its natural habitat on the street and has also been a contender in pro275 and LDR drag radial classes. Own the ultimate collectors item or put gas in it and hit the drag strip.” The ad also said “OG Murder Nova has been 4.30s at 170+ on Big Tires. On Small Tires, it’s been 4.20s at 178+. It also has Santhuff on all four corners with factory front frame rails and a stock firewall. There are also stock floor pans and an all TRZ front suspension”

However, after this post Shawn made a follow-up post declaring that the car is now not for sale. They removed the initial Facebook post.

Photo by Murder Nova Facebook

It is not clearly exactly what caused Ellington or his social media person to make the statement on his verified Facebook post. However, all we know is that Ellington made the decision to build an all-new chassis while still sticking with the OG car after all.

Photo by Murder Nova Facebook

Let’s check out a vlog of Sim to find out more about this rumor.

Video by Sim ABCXYZ

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