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Monza's Iconic Split Bumper Camaro Declared the Coolest Car of No Prep Kings and Its Possible Return

Street Outlaws fans, brace yourselves for some exciting news as Monza's legendary split bumper Camaro takes center stage in the latest developments of the No Prep Kings racing scene. In a recent video posted on his reactivated YouTube channel, Monza shared insights into the current state of the iconic vehicle, sparking discussions about its possible return to the thrilling world of street racing.

Photo by Team Monza 405

The Coolest Car of No Prep Kings: Monza's split bumper Camaro has long held the title of one of the coolest cars in the No Prep Kings series. Recently, the Street Outlaws' official list recognized this iconic vehicle as the coolest among the 96 cars that participated in the past six seasons of No Prep Kings. Despite not having been actively raced for over a year, the split bumper Camaro continues to captivate the hearts of fans and racers alike.

Monza's YouTube Update: In the recently uploaded video, Monza provided fans with a detailed update on the split bumper Camaro's status. Surprisingly, the vehicle currently lacks essential components such as an engine or transmission, leaving fans curious about its future. Monza hinted at the possibility of reviving the car, but significant challenges lie ahead, including the need for substantial financial support.

Photo by Team Monza 405

The Potential Return: While the split bumper Camaro holds a special place in the hearts of Street Outlaws enthusiasts, Monza also expressed interest in another remarkable vehicle – the Mona Chevel. Despite not having made its debut on No Prep Kings yet, the Mona Chevel stands out as one of the most beautiful cars in Monza's collection. With its stunning appearance, impeccable stance, and the potential for high-performance racing, the Mona Chevel could become a formidable contender in the No Prep Kings series.

Photo by Team Monza 405

The Dilemma: Monza faces a dilemma – whether to invest in revitalizing the iconic split bumper Camaro or shift focus to the promising Mona Chevel. In the video, Monza admitted that he might consider selling the split bumper Camaro if a lucrative offer comes his way. This decision could pave the way for the Mona Chevel to make its debut on the No Prep Kings scene, bringing with it a new era of competitiveness and excitement.

Photo by Dean Images

As fans eagerly await Monza's decision, the future of the split bumper Camaro remains uncertain. Whether it's a revival of the iconic racer or the emergence of the stunning Mona Chevel, Street Outlaws enthusiasts are in for a treat. Stay tuned to for the latest updates on Monza's racing endeavors and the ever-evolving world of No Prep Kings.

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