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Monza Not Participating in No Prep Kings Season 6 Due to Financial Limitations!!!

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

The world of street racing is buzzing with disappointment and anticipation as Jerry Johnston, also known as Monza, announced that he would not be participating in No Prep Kings Season 6. Monza, known for his skill and his new awe-inspiring Chevelle, has been forced to withdraw due to financial constraints. This unexpected setback has left fans and racing enthusiasts longing for the excitement and thrill that Monza brings to the track.

Photo by Team Monza 405

The anticipation surrounding Monza's new Chevelle reached its peak when the car was finally revealed just two days ago. With its distinctive color and sleek design, the Chevelle stood out among the more common models like the Camaro. Built by the renowned Cameron Dallas and customized specifically for NPK racing, this car featured cutting-edge features from Proline Racing, making it a formidable contender on the track.

Photo by Team Monza 405

However, Monza and Team Monster faced a setback as they announced their inability to participate in No Prep Kings Season 6. Unexpectedly, a significant portion of their budget was lost, making it impossible for them to compete. This news disappointed Monza's dedicated fanbase and racing enthusiasts who were eagerly waiting to witness the new Chevelle in action.

This unfortunate circumstance serves as a reminder of the significant financial requirements involved in joining No Prep Kings. Monza's situation is not an isolated one, as esteemed racers such as Eric K, Cody Baker, and Adam Jennings have also opted out of this season's competition due to the financial challenges they face. This occurrence sheds light on the daunting financial obstacles that racers face when participating in No Prep Kings. It serves as a sobering reminder that even esteemed competitors can find themselves unable to bear the substantial costs associated with this demanding racing series.

While it's disappointing that Monza won't be part of No Prep Kings Season 6, there remains optimism regarding his comeback in the racing world. There's a chance he might discover alternative avenues to compete in a few races or even make a grand return in future NPK events. Fans eagerly await the opportunity to witness Monza and his impressive Chevelle dominating the racetrack once more, and their anticipation continues to grow.

Photo by Team Monza 405

Monza's non-participation in No Prep Kings Season 6 has sparked inquiries regarding the event's overall structure. With multiple racers withdrawing, organizers must make adjustments to guarantee a complete roster of 40 cars, comprising eight teams with five drivers each. The forthcoming Thursday event will unveil the evolving developments and potential reshuffling, injecting an additional layer of fascination into the captivating realm of No Prep Kings.

Monza's decision not to participate in No Prep Kings Season 6 has left a void in the racing community. Fans and enthusiasts eagerly anticipated the return of Monza and his remarkable Chevelle to the track. However, the financial constraints of NPK have forced him to step back temporarily. Despite this setback, there is hope for Monza's future involvement in racing. Until then, the racing community eagerly awaits the day when Monza and his remarkable machine can once again grace the asphalt, inspiring fans and fellow racers with their unrivaled skill and passion.

Video by CJ Race Cars

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