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Mike Murillo Suffers Double Knee Replacement Surgery

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Street Outlaws star Mike Murillo had double knee replacement surgery on Thursday, February 9th. The operation happened at Foundation Surgical Hospital of San Antonio in Texas. It is not clear how long Murillo will be out with this operation.

Photo by Mike Murillo Racing

“Hello everyone, it’s Lisa here.” Lisa Murillo, wife of Mike Murillo posted on Mike Murillo Racing Facebook page. “Just wanted to give everyone an update on Mike and his surgery. Everything went great with no complications or issues. He will be in the hospital for at least a couple more days despite what he wants. Thank you to everyone for all your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. Appreciate every single one of y’all.

He’s gotta long road to recovery ahead of him but man he is one tough cookie and I admire his strength. He’s so ready to do what he has to do to recover quick and will be back in action in no time.”

Photo by Mike Murillo Racing

According to, a double knee replacement recovery time is about 13 weeks. He may be fully healed around May.

Photo by Mike Murillo Racing

He has updated on February 10th on his Facebook page.

“Update Day 2. 2 therapy sessions. First one @10am. Made it about 6-8 steps Equa sue the pain .. second one @ 2pm made it further but for sure can’t go home today and probably not tomorrow either. Did I mention the pain?

Knee caps feel like they’re being pryed off by a top of the line pry bar from Harbor Freight”

On June 2nd, the new Street Outlaws No Prep Kings season will begin at National Trail Raceway in Hebron, Ohio. The two-day event will conclude on June 3rd. Following the National Trail Raceway event, the No Prep Kings racers will be on the road for four additional weeks before a potential break comes.

The Street Outlaws No Prep Kings will be making a four-week filming trip to Australia later this month and in March. This is why the No Prep Kings US season is pushed back to June.

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