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Mike Murillo's Harrowing Escape Fiery Car Inferno at Summit Motorsports Park!

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

In the world of drag racing, adrenaline is the norm, and unexpected twists can happen at any moment. Such was the case for Mike Murillo, a seasoned drag racer, when he found himself trapped in a fiery inferno after an intense race against Ryan Martin at Summit Motorsports Park, Norwalk in Ohio. What transpired in those harrowing moments showcased the bravery of fellow racers and the resilience of the human spirit.

Mike Murillo vs. Ryan Martin.

Mike Murillo vs. Ryan Martin. Photo by Discovery Australia

The drag race between Mike Murillo and Ryan Martin had been a nail-biting spectacle, with the roar of engines and the screech of tires filling the air. The crowd watched in awe as these two titans of the drag racing world battled it out on the track. But as the race concluded, and the adrenaline was still coursing through the veins of spectators, an unexpected catastrophe unfolded.

Mike Murillo's Godzilla at NPK

Mike Murillo's car in NPK race at Norwalk, Ohio. Photo by Dragzine

From out of nowhere, flames erupted from the air intake of Mike Murillo's car. Panic and chaos instantly filled the scene. As smoke and fire engulfed the cockpit, Mike found himself trapped, desperately struggling to escape the rapidly intensifying blaze.

Mike Murillo trapped in fiery car inferno
Mike Murillo trapped in fiery car inferno

Mike Murillo's Harrowing Escape Fiery Car Inferno. Photo by Discovery Australia

Amidst the chaos, a hero emerged in the form of Justin Swanstrom's father, affectionately known as "Big Country." Without a moment's hesitation, Big Country rushed to Mike Murillo's aid. With nerves of steel, he grabbed hold of the safety belt and pulled with all his might. The intense heat and smoke couldn't deter him. Big Country then reached up underneath the flames, managing to get both arms around Mike Murillo. In a heart-stopping moment, Big Country pulled with all his strength, and Mike was freed from the burning car. It was an act of sheer bravery and quick thinking that undoubtedly saved Mike's life.

Mike Murillo on Street Outlaws No Prep King

Mike Murillo on Street Outlaws No Prep King. Photo by Discovery

"I've encountered a few fires in my racing career, but despite that experience, nothing compares to this," he reflects. "Remarkably, I don't even categorize this as a major incident, as it's reparable. What truly sets it apart is that I've never before found myself in a situation where I couldn't escape from the vehicle."

For a drag racer like Mike Murillo, his car isn't just a machine; it's an extension of himself, a lifeline to his passion and dreams. Seeing his beloved dragster engulfed in flames was undoubtedly a devastating sight. The car, which had been meticulously crafted and tuned for peak performance, was now severely damaged. But in the grand scheme of things, the most important outcome was clear: Mike Murillo was safe.

Murillo has affirmed that his Fox body will undergo repairs in preparation for the launch of the 2023 season of No Prep Kings. Concurrently, he's diligently working on a new S550 Ford Mustang, which he plans to transition to at a later point. He also enthusiastically announced a partnership with his sponsor, Harry Hruska, for his program, expressing confidence that this collaboration will elevate his competitiveness within the series to unprecedented levels. These new ambitions include a significant change - he's opting for a fresh 526 cubic-inch Hemi engine to replace the cast big-block Ford he's relied on in recent seasons. In 2023, Murillo's mission revolves around "reigniting the prominence of turbocharged engines."

In the aftermath of the fire, Mike Murillo displayed an unwavering spirit of resilience. Despite the loss of his prized dragster, he emerged from the ordeal with his life intact. It's a testament to the courage of individuals like Mike and the incredible bond that exists within the drag racing community.

Justin Swanstrom's dad - Corey Swanstrom

Corey Swanstrom - hero in the fiery inferno

As the racing world takes a moment to reflect on this dramatic incident, one thing is clear: the bravery of Big Country, the camaraderie of racers, and the indomitable spirit of Mike Murillo are the true heroes of this story. Drag racing is more than just speed and power; it's a tight-knit family where safety and support are paramount. And it's this spirit that will continue to drive racers like Mike Murillo to conquer new challenges and chase their dreams, no matter the obstacles they face.

Video by Discovery Australia

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