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Lizzy's Back on Grudge Race after Bachelorette Trip

Back to street races after a Bachelorette trip, Lizzy Musi has an amazing grudge race night vs Boddie from Cali team.

Photos by Kye Kelley Racing

Jermaine Boddie, better known as just Boddie, is a formidable force to be reckoned with. Ever since he first caught the attention of the show's producers back in 2014, Boddie has become an integral member of the Street Outlaws universe and has proven his mechanical skills time and time again. In 2014, Boddie hosted his first annual grudge race, ‘No Excuses,’ which brought out drivers from all over California, and almost a thousand spectators. Soon, his immeasurable driving skills, good heart, and charismatic personality caught the attention of the hit television show Street Outlaws, on which he represented California with his Nova against Daddy Dave. Boddie’s Discovery Channel debut was followed by a race against Birdman of Texas on the street racing television show House Of Grudge. In 2017, Boddie made a return appearance on the 2017 Season Finale of Street Outlaws as part of Team Cali.

Lizzy Musi lines her “68 Camaro” up with Boddie’s Jeep Trackhawk for a $4800 grudge race.

Photos by Kye Kelley Racing

She also showed Norma Jeane, her new 68 Camaro with beautiful wheel set on her Instagram last month.

“Here’s some raw street racing action. Lizzy vs Boddie grudge race for $4800 pot on the real streets of Las Vegas. NOLA vs Cali. Video footage courtesy of Zane and Smoke.”

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