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Lizzy Musi Made A Pretty Great Save and Got Disqualified!!

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Street racing might look like a chaotic sport, but there are actually some strict rules involved depending on where and how one is racing. In fact, many street racers spend a lot of time making sure that the rules are fair and suitable for their racing style. Some even create their own standards for their specific racing format. These rules might also change depending on the location of the race.

For Street Outlaws: America’s List, one rule is very clear and obvious. If you cross the centerline when you’re ahead of your opponent, it’s an automatic disqualification. Nothing is more dangerous than two cars racing in the same lane. Also, trying to catch up and pass your opponent when they are right in front of you is definitely something that will slow you down. So, if you’re guilty of crossing over in front of your opponent, it’s an automatic DQ.

Photo by Discovery

This time, we watch an episode of Street Outlaws: America’s List where Lizzy Musi would end up in such a situation. When racing against Chuck, it looked like Lizzy had a faster car in this race. Unfortunately, though, as she lost control of the car and crossed the whole street, that speed would not lead to a win.

Photo by Discovery

Down in the video below, we see this scary situation that luckily didn’t end with a crash.

Even though Lizzy didn’t win the race, we’re sure that she would rather have this outcome than completely losing control of the car. On another note, that was a pretty amazing save that she made when things started to look like a crash was inevitable.

Video by Discovery

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